WhatsApp is Rolling out ‘Cover photo Feature’ for Business users on Android

Cover photo Feature
Cover photo Feature

Recently, meta-owned Whatsapp has introduced new features to their business users to enhance their performance. Whatsapp is now working and testing on “Cover Photo Feature” as this was already introduced by Facebook significantly earlier. This Feature helps their Business user to set cover photos on their profile.

Whatsapp Cover Photo Feature is available to beta business users

This new Cover Photo Feature is now currently running on the beta version, for android users. This feature helps you to add multiple cover photos to their profile, this is already available on Facebook and Twitter. But now, it is just introduced for the business users but as per the reports in the upcoming weeks, it will be available for all.

Benefits of Whatsapp ‘Cover Photo Feature’

According to the Whatsapp beta, the new Cover Photo Feature helps the user to add multiple photos behind their profile, which enhances their business and helps to show more information. As this looks very clicky as you have seen it in some Facebook accounts.

This feature adds a camera button in your setting that you can add easily your cover photo from your device. Whatsapp is planning to introduce it for the normal android user as well, but it can take a quite time for that, as the release date is not reviled by the WhatsApp but it will be quickly introduced for business users in the coming weeks.

It helps the user to identify quickly about the business, in the future you will also be able to add the social media links and some important documents as well, it likely should be introduced this year.

This new feature works on both android and windows, as per our reports it will be live in July. it helps you to make your attractive business profile with some simple clicks.

How to add Cover Photo to my Business account?

To add a cover photo to your Whatsapp business account you need to follow the below steps:-

  • For adding a Cover photo to your business account you need to install the latest version of Whatsapp Business on your device.
  • After installing the latest version then you need to open your Business account setting and then simply click on the profile photo.
  • Now, you can easily add the cover photo to your profile.

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