WhatsApp is announcing the ability to undo” delete for me” on WhatsApp

delete for me
delete for me

WhatsApp which has more than 1 billion active users per month is continuously improving its quality and user experience as per the user needs. Recently in the last few years, they have introduced the “delete from everyone” feature that helps us to delete both devices.

Now in the current calendar year, they have improved and extended the time limit for messages to delete from everyone. but sometimes after cleaning our regular messages we by mistake Click on “delete for me” With that, we miss prestigious information and documents with just one click.

But now your problem has been solved because WhatsApp is now introducing the ability to undo” delete for me” on WhatsApp, It is both for Android and IOS users. after this feature will be live you can easily undo your ‘delete for me’ activity very easily.

What is the ability to undo the” delete for me” Feature on WhatsApp

Whatsapp this new ability to undo the “delete for me” feature helps people to undo their mistakes and get back their prestigious data. But you must know that this undo option is available for a few seconds, and after that, it will automatically invisible after a certain period.

As obviously this feature is firstly available for beta users but this time it is available for specific beta users to experience this new fabulous feature. If you want to experience this feature or similar other features that WhatsApp is testing then you can check out the latest beta version of WhatsApp and get the latest feature before your friends and family members.

You will get this feature on the Android WhatsApp Beta version This feature works as whenever you delete a message from yourself there will be a pop-up bar that shows the undo option where you can do your message within a seconds. You can access this amazing feature on both Android and IOS as well as on a desktop as well. Just you need to install the latest version of it.

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The only drawback of this feature is that you will get only a few seconds to undo your deleted message, but in the future, they can increase their time for undoing the message. If the user experience and feedback have been sent to them about this feature in the beta they do amazing and try to live with this feature as quickly as possible.

But you just need to wait a few months to live with this feature because almost all the work for this Feature has been done. And just the final touch is remaining to launch this feature. After this feature will be live you need to download the latest version of WhatsApp from the Google Play store or you can get it on the Apple store as well.

Final verdict about this feature

Hopefully, you have read this article to the end, and have gathered the full information about the undo button for your deleting message in WhatsApp. You have been assuming that this is a very tiny feature and useless, but you are extremely wrong because this is a very wonderful feature and for those prestigious people and their messages this must-have.

Thanks for keeping with us till the end, hope you like this new WhatsApp feature, so keep sharing it with your friends and family members so that they can also know about this WhatsApp feature.


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