How to backup WhatsApp chats and restore old photos

backup WhatsApp chats and restore
backup WhatsApp chats and restore

You all must be using WhatsApp and many people use WhatsApp to stay connected with each other. There are many features given inside WhatsApp. Like a feature has been given inside WhatsApp. Chat Backup If you want to backup your WhatsApp chats. So you can take chat, photo backup of your WhatsApp very easily. You don’t need to download any app to backup WhatsApp chats. This feature is given inside WhatsApp. So that people can use that feature and back up their WhatsApp chats.

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If you will log in to your WhatsApp on any other phone then you need to take WhatsApp chat backup. So that you can restore your chat backup and bring it back very easily. if you want to take a backup of your WhatsApp chat, then let us tell you in full detail. So that you can easily backup your WhatsApp chats.

Benefits of WhatsApp Chat Backup

You will benefit a lot from WhatsApp Chat Backup. You can save your chat. Whenever you log in to your WhatsApp on any other phone. So you can take backup of WhatsApp chats very easily. You can also save the backup of WhatsApp chats on Google Drive. Even if your phone gets reset. So your chats are saved. With which you can restore your chat backup and bring it back very easily.

How to backup WhatsApp chats?

If Want to backup WhatsApp chats. So first of all open your WhatsApp.

  • After that, you will see 3dot, click on it and go to settings.
  • After going to Settings, you have to click on Chats.
  • Now you will see the option of chat backup, click on it.
  • After that, the page of WhatsApp backup will open in front of you. In this, you have to set all the options.
  • You have to set the time of WhatsApp backup Like Daily, Weekly, Monthly, click on the option you want to back up.
  • In the option of Google Account, you will be shown your email id. From this, select the email id on which you want to save your WhatsApp backup.
  • If you want to back up photos and videos as well, then you have to turn on that option.

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