Last Seen: No one will know when you came online on WhatsApp and when you went offline

Hide Last Seen in WhatsApp
Hide Last Seen in WhatsApp

All of you must be using WhatsApp and many features have been given inside WhatsApp, using which people can make their message more interesting. There are many features given inside WhatsApp like you can put your status on WhatsApp. You can put profile photos on WhatsApp. And you can talk to each other on video calling.

Like you talk to a friend or a family member on WhatsApp and someone sees your last seen. Everyone knows when you came online on WhatsApp, when did you go offline. But today I will tell you such a feature, with the help of which you can hide the last seen of your WhatsApp. Then whenever you come online on WhatsApp you become offline. Nobody will know and you can talk to anyone on WhatsApp very easily. So let us tell you today how you can hide the last seen on WhatsApp?

How to Hide Last Seen in WhatsApp?

As you come online on WhatsApp, then close WhatsApp. Then your last seen starts appearing. This lets everyone know when you have come online on WhatsApp. No app needed to hide it. This feature is given inside WhatsApp. So you want to use this feature and hide your last seen. So by following the simple steps given below, you can hide the last seen of WhatsApp.

First of all, open your WhatsApp. After that, you will see the setting icon. Click on it and click on Account. After that, you have to click on Privacy and at the top, you will see the option of Last Seen. Click on it. Now three options will appear in front of you. First everyone, second my contact and third nobody. If you want to show everyone online then you have to select Everyone.

If you want to show online only to your friend which is saved in your contact number, then select My Contact. And if you want to see no one last seen then you have to select nobody. In this way, you can hide your last seen very easily.

I hope you enjoy reading this post. If you have any query related to this post then comment below and share this post with your friends and social media.

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