How to know who is viewing your WhatsApp profile picture

who is viewing your WhatsApp profile picture
who is viewing your WhatsApp profile picture

If you are searching for an application that helps you to know who is viewing your WhatsApp profile picture, then you are at the right place.

There are lots of fake and Scamy applications available on the Google Play Store, that claim that you can view those who are viewing your WhatsApp profile picture, but they leak your data. But the application that we brought today is fully trusted and safe to use.

We have fully gathered the information about the application and also tested it, in this article we are going to get details info about What is Whats tracker, and the Features of Whats tracker and going to answer some similar questions. So please read till the end, let’s start it.

What is Whats tracker App?

ITamzons provide you Whats tracker that helps you to track who viewed your WhatsApp profile photo. There are very similar apps like the Whats Tracker but this is the only application that provides exact and quick data also it provides lots of features as well that other apps don’t.

Whats tracker is launched on the 13th of November 2020 in the google play store, it has more than 5Milllion+ downloads as well. But it has only a 3.3 Star rating which is quite low in this field.

It is only 16.5 MB in size and has currently run on version 2.7. Your device is running on Android version 4.4 and up that’s the only requirement to use this application. To download the latest version of Whats tracker then click on the below link to get the latest version of it.

What’s tracker App Latest Version Download

It has provide lots of features as well, and also this is a very user-friendly application, let us discuss its features in detail.


Features of Whats tracker App

There are lots of features provided by the Whats tracker, but the major ones are as follows:-

Direct Chat:- With this feature you can simply message anyone without saving their number, that’s very beneficial for the affiliate markets and businessmen, that need to send messages in bulk quantity.

Profile Visitor:- The main feature of this app is you can find the list of contacts that visit your profile, and also it provides the list of profiles and contacts that you have visited their profile recently.

Restoring Deleted from Everyone message:- As everyone is curious to know what is the message that the person deleted from everyone, you can simply find and read the Deleted from Everyone message by using this amazing feature.

Search Profile:- You can find the profile image by entering a number in this feature if the profile exists you can see it else it has no profile pic then you get the no result.

Status saving option:- As many times we have loved the friend status and want to save it but we can not do that, but now no need to worry by using this feature you can simply save the status in your gallery.

Today we have discussed the Whats tracker, which helps to get the list of people that are visiting your profile picture. Also, we get details information about What is Whats tracker, what are the features of Whats tracker, etc. Please share your feedback regarding the quality of this article.

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