How to on Flashlight with Whistle for Android users

How to on Flashlight with Whistle
How to on Flashlight with Whistle

We have always been in need of flashlight and nowadays we use our mobile to on the flashlight. But many times, it will happen with you that your mobile is not with you and you need to turn on the flashlight, then it becomes very difficult to turn on the flashlight from the mobile.

But what if you could turn on your flashlight anytime by playing the whistle. Yes friends, in today’s article we are going to tell you about such a Whistling app, by which you can turn on the flashlight of your mobile by playing whistle. Even if your mobile is away from you.

What is Whistling App?

The name of this app is flashlight by whistle. This is an app that allows us to turn on the flashlight of our mobile by whistling. Through this app you can use your camera flash light quick and free.

It offers you both free and paid versions. If you use the free version then you will get only some features in it. But if you use its paid version, it will be completely ad-free and you will also get many features to turn on the flashlight.

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How Flashlight by whistle Work?

  1. To use Flash Light By whistle, all you need to do is download it to your mobile via Google Play Store.
  2. After this, it has to allow the requested permission to connect through its flashlight.
  3. Now it will automatically turn on the flashlight of your mobile by recognizing your voice. For this you neither need to unlock your screen nor need to press any button.
  4. You can easily turn on the flash light of your mobile with only whistle and light up your room.

How to Download the app Flashlight by Whistle?

  • First of all go to play store and search by writing flashlight by Whistlein the search bar.
  • Now you will see many options on your screen, out of which you should choose the first option.
  • Now you can download this app on your smartphone by clicking on the install button.
  • If you are not able to find this app on play store then also by clicking on this link you can directly download Flashlight by whistle app easily.


Benefits of Whistling App

Its Advantages is that if suddenly, the lights go off in your house and you want to turn on the flashlight but you don’t have your mobile phone. You can turn on the flash of your mobile by using this app.

Apart from this, if your mobile has fallen somewhere in the dark or your mobile is lost somewhere and cannot be found, then using this app you can turn on the flash light of your mobile and find it.

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