Instagram adds new schedule feature for posts and reels

Instagram adds new schedule feature
Instagram adds new schedule feature

If you are an active Instagram user and regularly post content on Instagram then you have realized that many times we need to wait for a certain time to upload a post or a real one. This problem will be easily understood by the content creators on Instagram.

But when this new Instagram schedule for post and reels feature will be live it helps the content creators and active Instagram users. Today in this post we will get detailed information about Instagram’s new schedule feature for posts and reels in detail. So keep with us till the end to get valuable information regarding the point, let’s start it.

Instagram adds new schedule feature for posts and reels

Now today if you want to schedule an Instagram post or reel then you need to rely on third-party applications and also give our valuable permissions. But in the future, it may be dangerous for our personal information. There is no certain proof that day will not steal our information and sell it to hackers.

But after this new Instagram future, you don’t need to depend on any third-party applications. You can easily set a timer on Instagram and schedule your post. But for that, you need to wait because hopefully this feature will be launched as quickly as possible.

When in future this feature will be launched you can schedule your post or reels for up to 75 days so that your consistency will not be broken. If you are running a professional Instagram account then this helps you a lot.

This feature is available for both Android and IOS users. After this Feature will be launched you need to go into the advanced setting and go to the schedule option so that you can schedule your post or reels.

But if you are a standard account user then you need to switch your account to a professional account. It is a very simple process and with a click, it will be done. Also, Instagram started an achievement feature so that creators can earn from that.

If you are an Instagram creator then you can check out this in your setting you can earn up to 5000 Dollars in a month with this amazing Instagram creation program. If you are an active creator then you will also get a notification from Instagram.

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Final verdict

In today’s post, we talked about the Instagram schedule reels and post features. This is a very amazing feature and helpful as well. But there is no official date revealed when the feature will be launched. This feature will be there to help the content creators.

Instagram is now rapidly growing and also growing its creators as well. Recently Instagram has been officially monetized as well so that you can monetize your reels through it. Hopefully, you will get some new information today. If you want regular information like that so that it can add some value to your life then keep with us regularly we will surely add value to your life. Thanks for reading till the end, keep supporting.

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