iOS 18: New iOS Features for iPhone Users coming soon

New iOS Features

Since Apple announce about iOS 18 iPhone users are waiting for new iOS features since then. The market of rumors is hot, leaks are coming out, and everyone is talking about New iOS Features for iPhone Users and what iOS 18 will be like.

So, now you wait is over because we have brought for you a list of new iOS features of iPhone user which they will get in iOS 18 and they will completely change the way you use your iPhone! Let’s Start!

Apple Announced New iOS 18 Features for iPhone Users

When Apple recently launched the latest iPad Pro and iPad Air, they indicated that they are going to bring major changes in AI soon. This change will be shown at the WWDC 2024 developer conference to be held next month in June.

If rumors are to be believed, iOS 18 could be the biggest iOS update ever, which will be especially equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) features. Let us tell you that till now the AI features available in Android smartphones require cloud.

But Apple is bringing technology to use AI directly on the device itself, so as not to send its users’ data to its servers.

This is possible because new iPhones, iPads and Macs already have chips that contain special AI processors, which can do AI work directly on the device itself.

New iOS Features for iPhone Users

1. Addition of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This time Apple is going to make full use of the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in iOS. Nice to hear, right? Yes, according to rumors, Apple is working on its own in-house AI model, which will be processed directly on the iPhone itself. This will not only improve performance but will also be beneficial in terms of privacy.

So, what kind of change New iOS Features?

New avatar of Siri: Siri, who is as mischievous and helpful as ever, will now become even smarter. Hopefully she will now understand you better, answer your questions more accurately, and be more efficient at working for you.

The power of AI in apps: This AI can give you suggestions while writing in Notes app, it can help you in removing background in Photos app or in video editing. Even Apple Music can use AI to create auto-generated playlists for you.

OpenAI’s knock: Some reports suggest that Apple is partnering with OpenAI, which can give us the facility of a chatbot. This may be the same chatbot which is based on ChatGPT technology.

2. Apps Makeover

Not just AI, your favorite apps are also going to get a new look in iOS 18. So let’s see about some special app updates:

Confluence of Calendar and Reminders: Now both these apps will work together. That means you will be able to set a reminder directly on the calendar for any meeting or task. This will make your task management much easier.

What’s new in the Notes app: You can now record voice memos directly in the same app while taking notes. This will make it much easier to take text as well as audio notes.

Smart Avatars of Apple Music: As we mentioned earlier, Apple Music will use AI to create auto-generated playlists for you. Additionally, the entire experience of searching and listening to songs can also get better.

New look of Safari: As always, the reliable Safari browser will now come with a brand new look and great tools. This will make your web browsing experience even more fun.

3. New look of the lock screen

If you think your lock screen is a bit dull, iOS 18 won’t disappoint you. With the new lock screen you’ll be able to further personalize your phone.

A splash of widgets: You’ll now be able to place even more widgets on the lock screen, like music playback, calendar, fitness, and more.

Interactive notifications: You can now snooze, dismiss, or reply to notifications right from the lock screen.

Always-on display: The iPhone 14 Pro Max is expected to come with an always-on display feature, so you will always be able to see the time, date, notifications, and battery percentage on the lock screen.

4. Expanding Focus Mode

Focus mode, introduced in iOS 17, is being improved even more in iOS 18.

More modes, more features: You’ll now be able to set even more focus modes like work, home, sleep, and friends/family. For each mode, you’ll be able to set different home screens, apps, notifications and even lock screen wallpapers.

Ease of Scheduling: You will now be able to automatically turn your Focus Mode on and off based on time and location.

Focus mode for websites: In iOS 18, you will be able to set focus mode in Safari as well.

5. The magic of SharePlay

The SharePlay feature is going to get even better in iOS 18.

More apps, more fun: You can now watch movies and videos with friends on Disney+, HBO Max, ESPN+, and more using SharePlay.

Interactive Activities: You can play games, listen to music, and even do fitness workouts with friends using SharePlay.

6. New features in Health App:

Some new features can be added in iOS 18 to make the Health app even more powerful.

Glucose Monitoring: Some reports suggest that iOS 18 may also come with a glucose monitoring feature, which will be very useful for diabetes patients.

Focus on women’s health: Some new features related to women’s health can also be included in iOS 18, such as ovulation tracking and pregnancy tracking.

Better sleep tracking: iOS 18 may also include some new features to better track and understand your sleep data.

When New iOS 18 Features will launch?

Usually, Apple launches its new iOS version in the fall event held around September every year. This is the same time when it also launches new iPhones.

After previewing it at WWDC, Apple will first release iOS 18 for developers and the public for testing, and then finally launch it officially for everyone.

Which iPhones will run iOS 18?

Now the question arises that which iPhones will be able to run this new iOS 18? So according to the news, iOS 18 is going to run on many iPhone models, so that more and more people can take advantage of this new update.

  • All iPhone 11 models
  • iPhone XR iPhone SE (2nd and 3rd gen)
  • All iPhone 12 models
  • All iPhone 14 models
  • All iPhone 15 models
  • iPad Pro: 2018 and later
  • iPad Air: 2019 and later
  • iPad mini: 2019 and later
  • iPad: 2020 and later


If you are a iPhone user then this article will help you to understand this which features will you get in new iOS 18. Apple is bringing New iOS Features for iPhone Users, which will make you iPhone more digital and standard.s

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