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New Profile Pic
New Profile Pic

Welcome back friends, we are back with taking an amazing application to maintain your profile picture more attractive and clickable, this wonderful application name is NewProfilePic: Profile picture. In this article we are going to discuss this app, in detail, so keep reading till the end to get all information about New Profile Pic: Profile picture, let’s start it.

What is NewProfilePic: Profile picture application

This profile picture app is created by line rocks investment limited. And this app is released on April 6th of 2022 which means it is not so old application but has a lot of craze from the user’s point of view. Currently, this application is running on version 0.5.7, and the last update was on July 5 of 2022.

You can simply download the latest version of this application from the below link, or you can search for the application name on the Google Play store.

This application has more than 1 million plus downloads on the Google Play store and currently has a 4.4 rating as well which means it is user-friendly. This application is just 18 MB in size which means not take much space on your device.

The minimum requirement for this application to work on your smartphone Is you must use the android version 5.1 and Upward, in today’s world almost all smartphones support this app. Also, this app has in-app purchases available that start from Rs. 458 to 14000/- per item Only, but it is not necessary to use it.

Benefits of using NewProfilePic: Profile picture

As there are so many benefits of using NewProfilePic: Profile picture app but the major reason that you attracts is, that you can simply edit your profile picture like a pro color sketch, with some simple clicks.

It is very easy to use, and a new smartphone user also can access it. As the major thing in our mind before using these types of applications Is data safety. But with this app, it is not so big an issue because it protected our data from the Data stolen.

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How to use NewProfilePic: Profile picture app

You need to follow the following steps to use this app and its amazing features and specifications.

  1. You need to download the latest version of this application from the given link or the Google play store.
  2. Then you need to give some permission to use this app, such as storage, location, etc.
  3. After successfully installing and giving the permission you need to upload your photo.
  4. Then you need to choose the filter and style that you likes.
  5. After that your photo will be ready to upload To your profile. This pic will be created by using AI technology.
  6. Now you can try different styles and filter to make your profile pic more attractive.


If you are a social media regular user then you should try this different profile pic, Which helps you to make an attractive profile. We have discussed this application in detail, what is NewProfilePic: Profile picture app, what are its benefits of it, and how we can use this application on our Devices.


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