Nothing Ear (a) review: Affordable ANC with style

Nothing Ear (a) review
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Nothing The company, which was founded by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, is known for its designs and innovations. After the success of Nothing Ear 1 launched last year, the company has recently introduced Nothing Ear (a). Both these earbuds look quite similar, but some of their features are different, especially in terms of price. And today we know about these features in this Nothing Ear (a) review.

So, is Nothing Ear (a) a better option for you? Come, in this Nothing Ear (a) review we will tell you in detail. Let’s Start!

Nothing Ear (a) review

Nothing is back and this time it has launched two earphones with slightly different names. You might be thinking that it will bring Nothing Ear (3), which will be the next version of Ear (2), but the company has adopted a new approach.

They have launched products at two different prices keeping different budgets in mind. These are Nothing Ear and Ear (a). Let’s know its features and specifications.

Design and comfort

As soon as you look at Nothing Ear (a), you will feel that it looks exactly like Nothing Ear 1. They have the same transparent case and earbuds, through which you can see the circuits inside.

This design was liked a lot and the company has retained it with Nothing Ear (a) also. However, this time you get black color instead of the white color used for the premium feel.

The earbuds are quite light and comfortable. Talking about weight, it is only 4.7 grams per bud. Silicone ear tips come in a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your ears.

Connectivity and Controls

In terms of connectivity, Nothing Ear (a) supports Bluetooth 5.2. But where it may be a little weak is its latency. These earbuds come with a latency of 120ms, which means there may be a slight delay in the sound while watching a video.

This latest version makes the connection stronger and consumes less battery. Along with this, you also get support of Google Fast Pair and Microsoft Swift Pair, which makes it very easy to connect to the device.

Talking about controls, you get pinch controls on the stem of the earbuds. By pressing once you can play/pause music, by pressing twice you can play the next song and by pressing three times you can play the previous song.

By pressing and holding you can activate the voice assistant. Apart from this, you can also use the Nothing However, to control volume you will have to touch the phone itself.

App integration

Nothing Through the app, you can update the firmware for the earbuds, adjust equalizer settings, control ANC and transparency modes, and turn in-ear detection on or off.

The in-ear detection feature automatically pauses the song when you remove the earbuds from your ears.

Sound quality

Nothing Ear (a) has 11.6mm drivers, which are slightly larger than Nothing Ear 1. However, there is a difference in material.

Ceramic drivers were used in Nothing Ear 1, whereas in Nothing Ear (a) you get a combination of PMI + TPU. It may seem a bit weak on paper, but in real life the sound quality is quite good.

The bass is strong and the highs are quite clear. These earbuds are good for listening to music as well as for calling. However, some users say that the sound is a bit flat compared to high-end earbuds.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

Nothing Ear (a) offers ANC up to 45dB, which is slightly higher than the ANC found in other earbuds in this range.

With ANC on, surrounding noises are significantly reduced, so you can focus on your favorite music or podcast. However, it is important to note that ANC does not completely eliminate noise.

Transparency mode

If you like to listen to music while still listening to the sounds around you, then you also get Transparency Mode in Nothing Ear (a). By turning on this mode, you can hear the sounds around you without removing the earbuds.

Battery life

The battery life of Nothing Ear (a) is quite good. On a single charge, you get up to 5 hours of playback time, including with ANC on. With the charging case you get a total battery backup of up to 24 hours.

Nothing Ear (a) is charged via USB Type-C port. The charging case also supports wireless charging.

Price and Availability

Ear (a) is a slightly less feature version of the more expensive Ear model. It will cost you Rs 7,999, while the price of Nothing Ear is Rs 11,999. The affordable version does not support wireless charging and the battery is also slightly smaller, and the IP rating of the case is also low.

There is a difference of ₹4,000 between these two products and this is also due to a slight difference in design.

I mean, there is very little difference between these two wireless earbuds, which makes Nothing Ear (a) a very attractive option because it is available at a much lower price.

These earbuds are available on Nothing’s website and e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart.

Pros and Cons of Nothing Ear (a) earbuds


  • Stylish and transparent design
  • Comfortable fit
  • Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity
  • ANC and Transparency Mode
  • Good sound quality
  • decent battery life


  • Reliance on phone for volume control
  • Slightly flat sound compared to high-end earbuds
  • No support for wireless charging

Nothing Ear (a) Should you buy?

Nothing Ear (a) is a great option, especially for those who want stylish and ANC earbuds, but are on a low budget. In Nothing Ear (a) you get good sound quality, excellent ANC, good transparency mode and long battery life. Priced at ₹8000, these earbuds are a great deal in themselves.

But, in my opinion, these are a little too expensive for an average Indian consumer. Had these been launched around ₹6,000 or ₹6,500, these would have been value-for-money packages that I would definitely recommend. You can get the Enco Air 3 Pro for almost half the price, which I found a competition of Nothing Ear (a).

But if you want to buy Nothing Ear (a), then you can buy it through sale. Many times The sale of Nothing Ear (a) will hold on Flipkart, Croma and Vijay Sales.


I hope this Nothing Ear (a) review will help you to choose best earbuds for you. If you want stylish earbuds with ANC under ₹10,000, then Nothing Ear (a) is a great option. But if you can spend a little more and want the best sound quality, then Nothing Ear 1 can be a better option.

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