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Smart Announcer
Smart Announcer

Smart Announcer: Call, Time, and Battery is a very useful application for your phone as well as in your daily life. In this article, we are going to detailed review of this application that helps you to manage your time and modify something new on your phone. So keep reading till they get the full info about let sit.

What is Smart Announcer: Call, Time, and Battery application?

This application provides you the hand-free option for SMS notifications from any other apps and also incoming calls as well. This is specially designed for Android users.
This application is provided by an ingress private limited company for free on the Google Play store. This is very small in size that is about only 3.8 MB in size and has more than a 4.2-star rating which is very fantastic. Also, it has more than 10 lakh plus downloads on the Play store.

As you have noticed that there are lots of these types of application that provides the app purchases as a revenue model but in the case of this application it wouldn’t apply, there is no in-app purchase available in it, but you can see some advertisement between the application as there revenue.

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Requirements to use this Smart Announcer: Call, Time, and Battery application.

The first and major requirement for this application is it is just for the Android user which means iPhone or iOS users wouldn’t get the benefit of it. A secondary requirement is that the user must be using Android version 4.0 or more than that. That’s it that’s the only requirement for using this application.

As there are lots of features available in it but we cannot cover them all latest discuss the major features of this application.

Features of Smart Announcer: Call, Time, and Battery

1. One of the most important features of this is it provides a hands-free experience to the user that helps you to respond the calls and texts.

2. Also it provides are set of numbers that you can add in it for the announcement, in simple words whenever you are set number will message or call you there will be an announcement on your display.

3. It also provides see the in-app widgets that help you to manage all calls and SMS on the single display screen or the home screen.

4. In this application you can also change your voice as per your requirement such that you can change the pitch and the rate of the voice within some clicks.

5. You can also enable the battery announcement feature means whenever you are battery touch is the remark you have set you will get the announcement of it.

6. There are lots of similar such type of features available in it that you can check while using it.


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