WhatsApp Features 2022: Top 5 features of WhatsApp that will change the way you chat

Top 5 features of WhatsApp
Top 5 features of WhatsApp

You all must know about WhatsApp. There are many features in WhatsApp. But some people do not know about all the features. If you also do not know about all the features of WhatsApp, then today I am going to tell you about the top 5 features. With the help of this top 5 feature, you can change the way you chat on WhatsApp. By the way, many features have been given inside WhatsApp. But today I am going to tell you about 5 features, using which you can bring more interest in WhatsApp.

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All these features are very useful. You can bring more interest to WhatsApp by using all these features. So if you want to know about all these features, then let me tell you about these 5 features. So that you can also know about all these features and can use all these features very easily.

Top 5 features of WhatsApp

WhatsApp has launched many such features so that users can use WhatsApp more easily, but today I am going to tell you about the top 5 features, which can be used and talk to anyone on WhatsApp. Can bring more interest.

1. Archived Chats feature

This is a great feature in WhatsApp. Using this feature, if you put someone’s chat in the archived list, then the message will not be visible. But you can read that message separately at any time.

2. Use multiple devices

This is a very special feature for WhatsApp users. Users can also use multiple devices on the same account. You do not need to login into any other account for this.
You can use multi-device very easily.

3. Profile photo

Profile photo feature has been given inside WhatsApp, using which you can set your WhatsApp DP, but in this also you want WhatsApp DP not seen by anyone. So you can set that too. You can also show WhatsApp up to a particular person or you can show WhatsApp up to everyone. You can also set this up very easily.

4. Fingerprint feature

Using the fingerprint feature, you can put fingerprints inside WhatsApp. Many people download the app to lock in WhatsApp. But this feature is given inside WhatsApp. So that you can use this feature and put fingerprint in WhatsApp.

5. Last Seen

Last Seen This is a very good feature. With the help of this feature, you can hide the last seen of WhatsApp. As you come online on WhatsApp, everyone gets to know. What time did you come online on WhatsApp, but you can hide last seen with the help of this feature.

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