Using the Hi Translate – Chat translator app

Hi Translate - Chat translator
Hi Translate - Chat translator

Today we are going to reveal another fantastic app name Hi Translate – A chat translator create by the Translation team. If you are also the people who copy his text and went on google translate and then translate the content, that is a very old and time taking process but the translation team makes a solution on that, called Hi Translate – chat translator.

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This app saves your time and helps a lot in translation. You will get this app free of cost on the google play store, it is just 53MB in size. More than 100 million people have downloaded this app, and in that, he got a 4.3-star rating which is an awesome number. You will get 100+ regional and foreign country language support.

It helps you a lot when you are going to travel outside the region, you must have this app on your phone, that anytime it can help you. Especially when you are going to chat with other people on messenger apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. and you wouldn’t understand their language, just install Hi Translate and give some permission to it, that seat, your work is done.

Features of Hi Translate app

There are so many features that the Hi Translate application provides you, that we can not cover them all but we have covered some main features of the Hi Translate app as follows.

1. Image translate: This application has very good AI bots, this automatically detects the text from the image and converts them into the required language. It is also auto-recognized in more than 18 languages. You can easily get the text from the image with some clicks with the help of Hi Translate.

2. Voice Translate: It also supports a voice translation service, that you can easily change and translate your live voice to word, that’s also an interesting feature, Real-time voice translation, is a very effective feature.

3. Offline Translation: Even if you have no internet then also you can translate the text into any language, that offline mode is not available in the other translating app.

4. Conversation Translation: If you are working with other country peoples then this feature helps you, this works as when you talk in Hindi and if other person knows Chinese then your voice is translated into Chinese.

5. In-App Translation: This works as a ball in other applications, this helps you to translate the chatting in any app that you use, just you need to choose in what language you want the translation.

Conclusion: In this article, we have learned the best alternative to google translation, name Hi Translate, this app provides the AI camera feature in that AI scan the image into text and then translates it, and also discusses the other features such as In app translate, offline translate, and voice translate. It supports more than 100 languages such as are as follows.


Languages that Hi Translate Support.

  • English,
  • Hindī / हिन्दी,
  • Bengali/bāṅlā / বাংলা,
  • Telugu/తెలుగు,
  • Marathi/मराठी / Marāṭh,
  • Tamil/தமிழ் / Tamiḻ,
  • Urdu/اُردُو / Urdū,
  • Kannada/ಕನ್ನಡ / kannaḍa,
  • Gujarati/ગુજરાતી / Gujarātī,
  • Malayalam/മലയാളം / malayāḷaṁ,
  • Punjabi/ਪੰਜਾਬੀ / Shahmukhi,
  • Chinese,
  • Spanish/Español / Castellano,
  • Arabic/عربي/عربى,
  • Malay/Bahasa Melayu,
  • Portuguese/Português,
  • Russian/ру́сский язы́к,
  • French/le français,
  • German/Deutsch,
  • Hausa/هَوُسَ,
  • Japanese/にほんご,
  • Persian/فارسی / Fârsî,
  • Swahili/Kiswahili,
  • Javanese/Basa Jawa,
  • Thai/ภาษาไทย,
  • Indonesian/Bahasa Indonesia,
  • Turkish/Türkçe,
  • Nepali/Nepali,
  • Filipino/Tagalog,
  • Vietnamese/Tiếng Việt,
  • Korean/한국어,
  • Italia

I hope you enjoy reading this post. If you have any query related to this post then comment below and share this post with your friends and social media.

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