Set amazing iPhone Wallpapers using the Phone 13 Launcher, OS 15

Phone 13 Launcher 15
Phone 13 Launcher 15

Do you love iPhone, but don’t have the budget to buy a brand new iPhone 13, but no worry SaS developer team make an interesting app name as the Phone 13 launcher, Os 15. It changes the look and style of your smartphone. this application was released on 3rd November 2017, and now till today, it has 5 cr.+ Downloads and 700000 + reviews on the Google Play Store. You just need to allow some permissions and then your simple looking smartphone changes into the iPhone 13 and give a professional look to your phone.

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This application is just a size 40 MB and currently, This app is running on the 8.3.9 version The only requirement for running this app on your smartphone is that your smartphone just has Android 4.4 or their upward version. Recently they launched a new update on 20 April 2022, let us know the features and what’s new in the Phone 13 launcher, Os 15.

Features of Phone 13 launcher, Os 15

  • There are lots of features in the Phone 13 launcher, Os 15 and on every update, a new feature is introduced We cannot cover them all, but some significant features are as follows
  • You can easily search anything by just swiping down anywhere on the home screen of your smartphone.
  • You will get 30 plus wallpaper images in this application that you can change anytime and anywhere.
  • It saves a lot of time and makes your phone a one-touch task, and makes it fast, Convenient, professional, etc.
  • They provide beautiful wallpaper on your screen to decorate it and gave a beautiful look to your smartphone.
  • Smart toggle Such as aeroplane mode, silent mode, Bluetooth, control Centre as well in that you can customise size, colour, position and vibration of your phone.

What’s New

  • The current leader introduced version 8.3.9, let us know what’s new in that in brief
  • The updated UI status bar in the application.
  • Fix the bug that occurs in the recorder and video screen.
  • Introduced 3D touch with apps in the app library
  • Swipe horizontally to change our move quickly between two pages.
  • And also fixed the small bugs in the app.

What is Phone 13 launchers, Os 15?

This is a very good and interesting app, it gives a lot of features to its users, as compared to other similar applications. It helps those people who cannot afford the iPhone, but has the curiosity to use iPhone, it seems duplicate iPhone and provides the same facility to users. The major positive thing about this application is it is you can use it free of cost, but in their application, they introduced in-app purchase, which means if you want to buy an item from this application you need to pay them if you want that, and the pricing starts from 90rs to 450rs. The major permission that you need to allow before using these applications are as follows.


1. Storage

You must need to allow the storage permission, That you can modify or delete the content and files present in your USB storage. For reading as well you need to first allow the permission and then you can read it.

2. Camera

Before taking videos and pictures from your camera you need to allow the camera permission to use this app.

3. Location

Forgetting the exact location of you then you must allow the location permission that helps you to use the Google maps, also need to allow the GPS as well.

4. Microphone

While recording voice you need to allow the microphone permission before using your microphone.

5. Other

Need to allow the other permission that you want to use in this app or on your phone.

Conclusion: After reading this article we conclude that if you want to use iPhone features then you must install phone 13 launcher OS 15, on your smartphone to get professional looks and convenience for you as well. We have discussed the features of this app and what’s new in this application and what permission you need to allow before using this app.

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