Download WhatsApp Status Using WAMR – Recover Deleted Messages & status download

WAMR - Recover Deleted Messages
WAMR - Recover Deleted Messages

All of you must be using WhatsApp. There are many features given inside WhatsApp. Like you can put your profile photo on WhatsApp. On WhatsApp, you can talk to anyone on video calling. you can put your photos, videos in status on WhatsApp? There are more such features inside WhatsApp. For example, if a friend or a family member messages you on WhatsApp and he deletes the message, then you are very upset.

After all, what message did he send, Do you want to read that message? So you can read deleted messages very easily. You have to download an app. With the help of this app, you can easily read deleted messages on WhatsApp. And status feature has been given inside WhatsApp, using which you can put your photo, video status on WhatsApp.

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Like any person put a status on WhatsApp and you like that status very much, then you will message him to send that status to me, but you do not need to message. You can download anyone’s status on WhatsApp with the help of this app. So if you want to download someone’s status on WhatsApp, then you can do it very easily. So let’s know about this app, we will tell you about this app in full detail so that you can use this app very easily and you can download WhatsApp status very easily.

How to use the WAMR – Recover Deleted Messages & status download

If you want to use this app, then first of all download this app by clicking on the download button given below. After that install and open it. Now you have to read DISCLAIMER and click on accept. Then click on Arrow. Now you have to select WhatsApp. Then click on the arrow. After that enable multimedia file and enable notification reader.

Then you have to give some permissions. Now you have to give app notification access. Then you have to give permission. Now you have to click on the arrow. After that, you have to click on the tick. Then you will see the download logo. Click on it. Now all the status of WhatsApp will come in front of you, you can download it by clicking on the status you want to download.


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