WhatsApp is working on screenshot blocking feature for beta users.

WhatsApp is working on screenshot blocking
WhatsApp is working on screenshot blocking

WhatsApp announced three new privacy features this month. These include the feature to silently leave groups and hide online status as well as block screenshots for View Once messages. Now according to a piece of new news, WhatsApp is working on screenshot blocking feature.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on screenshot blocking feature in the beta version of its new Android app. This will work on the pictures and videos sent in the View Once message. Let us know about WhatsApp’s new updates in detail.

Screenshots will be blocked on WhatsApp

According to WABetaInfo, a new feature is being tested in WhatsApp Android beta version As we mentioned earlier, it blocks screenshots for photos or videos sent in View Once mode. According to the news, it is currently in the testing phase, so users using the beta version also cannot use it.

But WABetaInfo has shared a screenshot of the preview of this feature. Information about the View Once the message is given in the screenshot. It is written in this that the photo sent in this mode disappears after being viewed. In addition, this message cannot be shared, forwarded, copied, saved, or “screenshot” taken.

According to the report, if a user tries to take a screenshot of the sent message in View Once mode, it will be blocked automatically. However, the sender of this message will not be given any information about this attempt to take a screenshot.

This feature is the reverse of Snapchat’s feature Screenshot Alert. Screenshots are not blocked in Snapchat, but when the screenshot is taken, the user in front gets information about it. There is currently no feature related to screenshots in WhatsApp, but it may be added to the beta version soon, after which it will be released in the stable version for all users.

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Working on the feature:

This feature is currently in the WhatsApp beta development stage for Android users. And it’ll be rolled out with the upcoming updates of the application. WABetaInfo has shared a screenshot explaining this feature in detail. As per the screenshot, when a user uses the ‘view once’ feature, WhatsApp will show a pop-up saying that you cannot forward, copy or save or take a screenshot of it.

How will this feature work?

The screenshot shows that WhatsApp is working on a new presentation screen for view-ones files, where users will be unable to take screenshots of pictures and videos. While recipients can always take pictures using a secondary phone or camera, the platform will not allow them to take a screenshot of it. Screenshots will be created automatically on the app but the sender will not get any notification about it.

WhatsApp Screenshot Blocking Features?

Now, WhatsApp is rolling out the new features to Android beta testers. Screenshot Blocking is a technique that prevents users from taking screenshots of photos and videos at once. Currently, this feature is in the development stage on WhatsApp beta for Android and will be released in future updates of the app.

WhatsApp Cool group vacation Features?

Users will be able to secretly exit any group without informing anyone. Now instead of giving this information to the whole group, only the admin will get information about it. Maybe WhatsApp’s new feature will start working rolling out to all users this month.

WhatsApp View Once Feature:

WhatsApp’s latest feature tracking site WABetaInfo has shared a screenshot giving details about new features. As per the screenshot shared, every time a user uses the ‘view once’ feature, WhatsApp will show a pop-up mentioning that you cannot forward, copy, save or take a screenshot from it.

That is, once viewed, the images will disappear and will not be available again to see it. This new feature of WhatsApp solves a major problem of the ‘View Once’ feature but it does not mean that the receiver will not be able to capture the photo or even record the screen from any other device.

WhatsApp hides online status Features:

WhatsApp Users may feel connected to each other by showing family members or friends online, but periodically there are circumstances when you want to spend private time on WhatsApp without materialising online and hide your online status.

WhatsApp has also solved this problem. WhatsApp is introducing the capability to choose who can and can’t see you when you are online. Maybe it’ll start rolling out to users this month.



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