WhatsApp working on new camera mode for beta testers

WhatsApp working on new camera mode
WhatsApp working on new camera mode

Recently WhatsApp is working on a lot of features to improve its user experience. Similarly, WhatsApp working on new camera mode feature.

This new camera feature will be available for both Android and IOS users. This new feature is introduced for user engagement in Photos and videos.

This feature is under development but it will be quickly live for the Android beta testers. In this article, we are going to give you the details about this camera mode feature.

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Specification of this new camera mode feature

If you are a regular WhatsApp user then you need to click the shutter button to take a picture, and for photos, you need to long press this same button. But it is a very time taking and irritating process, that’s why they are testing this new camera mode feature.

If it has a good response in the beta version then surely it will be launched for all Android and IOS users. With this feature, you can simply open the camera and click photos and videos without any interference, and within no time.

In this new camera mode feature, they are developing new buttons to quickly switch the camera for clicking photos and videos. They will be separated into two buttons, one for the camera and the other for video recording. With a single click, you can switch to different modes.

But, this feature is under development, because they need to fix the bugs, and then it will go for the beta users and then live for all users if they get a good response from the user.


  1. How does WhatsApp’s new camera mode feature work?

Ans:- in this feature you will get two separate buttons for photo and video capturing. It will be very easy to switch between photos and video.

2. When will the camera mode feature be live for all WhatsApp users?

And:- There will be no official report released by WhatsApp when they will use this feature. But if you want to use it earlier you can use the beta version of WhatsApp.

3. In which WhatsApp beta version the camera mode feature will be available to use?

Ans:- This feature will be available for the WhatsApp beta version, but has not been confirmed officially.


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