Solar Panels Installer App Review For Android users

Solar Panels Installer App Review

If you are planning to install the Solar Panels on your rooftop but don’t know to install and which direction will give you high efficiency to charge solar panels. Then you don’t need to worry now because there are several apps on internet which helps you to install solar panels. One of the app is Solar Panels Installer App. And today we are going to do Solar Panels Installer App Review.

Through this Solar Panels Installer App Review, you can choose and find out whether this app is useful or not. So, Let’s Start the article.

Solar Panels Installer App Review

Imagine, you want to install solar panels on the roof of your house, but don’t know whether it will be installed or not? Or how much electricity will it generate? So, this app can be useful for you.

This app has programs that run on your smartphone, which help you install solar panels that generate electricity by taking advantage of sunlight.

With the help of your phone’s camera and sensors, this Solar Panels installer app find out in which direction your roof is and what its inclination is. On the basis of this information, it estimates how many panels can be installed on your roof.

Additionally, this app can also tell you at what angle the sun will shine on your roof in different months of the year. This information is important because the panels are installed so that they get maximum sunlight.

Features of Solar Panels

This app is a kind of assistant for you, which makes the process of installing solar panels easier. It has two special features, which can be very useful for you:


It works exactly like the compass of your smartphone. With this you can find out in which direction more sunlight falls on your roof.

You already know that solar panels should get maximum sunlight, so that they can generate maximum electricity. So, this feature will help you decide where the panels should be placed.

Angle Calculator:

This feature will help you figure out the best angle to install the panels on your roof. Actually, erecting the panels perpendicular to the ground will generate less electricity.

They should be planted at a slight angle, so that maximum sunlight can be obtained throughout the year. This calculator will tell you this angle according to your location.

So overall, this app helps you find out which direction the sunlight comes from on your roof and at what angle the panels should be installed so that they can generate maximum power.

Pros and Cons of Solar Panels Installer App


  • Easy to use
  • Initial determination of suitability of your home
  • Finding estimated costs and savings
  • Connecting with local installers


  • Can only guess, does not give accurate information
  • Doesn’t take into account all the important things

How to use Solar Panel Installer App

  • First, Install the App from Play store on your Mobile.
  • After that set and login in this app.
  • Now, you have to take pictures of your roof and upload it to the app.
  • The app will detect the slope and direction of your roof.
  • After this, the app will tell you how many panels can be installed on your roof.
  • You can also see the estimated power output based on your location and roof size in the app.

Now you easily install this app on your rooftop. Solar panel installer app can be useful for a beginner. But, do not trust any app completely. It is very important to have an inspection done by an experienced solar panel installer.

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