Haj Suvidha App: Central Minister Smriti Irani Launches App for Haj Pilgrims

Haj Suvidha App
Haj Suvidha App

Haj Suvidha App: To make sure that the Haj pilgrimage without hassle the Secretary of State Smriti Irani has announced The Haj Suvidha App in March.

Through this app, pilgrims will receive a training module along with flight information, an emergency helpline, as well as health care services.

Haj Suvidha App will provide Haj training in 10 different languages. It also covers a range of different languages like Hindi, Urdu, English, Bengali and Kannada.

To ensure that the Haj pilgrimage without hassle The Secretary of State for Union Smriti Irani has announced Haj Suvidha App.

Haj Suvidha App 3 March 3rd. Users will be able to access a variety of information on this. The Minister of Minority Affairs said in a speech that his administration is striving to provide services for those who are taking part in the Haj pilgrimage.

What exactly will Haj Suvidha App accomplish?

This application aims to alleviate the issues people encounter while travel. It provides easy access to essential services, such as the essential information, training courses as well as flight information, and accommodation facilities for those going on a pilgrimage every year.

  • Training module
  • flight details
  • Emergency Helpline Desk
  • Health care service

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The Haj book will be available in 10 languages.

Haj Suvidha App will provide Haj training in ten languages that will provide information to people. It includes Hindi, Urdu, English, Bengali and Kannada and numerous other languages.

Helpdesk facilities is available to users in any emergency. The users will be able directly communicate their concerns to Control Room.

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Was Smriti Irani have to say?

Smriti Irani stated on the application launch, that she believes the goal for women’s empowerment in the Modi government is a current reality.

It’s a cause of great joy for each Indian to know that the government of India has made an opportunity for Muslim sisters to participate in Haj without Mehram which means that in 2023 more than 4300 women will be able to perform Haj with success without Mehram. This year, more than 5160 women will be to Haj to perform Haj without Mehram.

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