iOS 17.4 Features: Apple Launched Exciting Update for iPhone Users – Check Out What’s Special!

iOS 17.4 Features
iOS 17.4 Features

iOS 17.4 Features: Apple’s latest iOS 17.4 update comes with a major update for those who reside in the European Union.

As a result of the Digital Market Act of the European Union, Apple has created an alternative app store and payment options.

In addition the option of introducing new Emojis has been added for iPhone users. It is important to note that this update has an upgrade has been made available for the Podcast application.

Apple’s latest iOS 17.4 update comes with a significant upgrade to users who are part of European Union.

In light that the Digital Market Act of the European Union, Apple has added an alternative app store and payment options. Let’s take a quick look at the latest features Apple’s latest iOS update 17.4.

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New features have been introduced in iOS 17.4

A New Emoji New Emoji Apple has announced the addition of new emojis with the latest update that is available to iPhone users.

Apple Cash Virtual Card number In the latest update it is possible to make purchases quickly and easily using the virtual card issued from Apple Cash Account. If Apple Pay is not available the virtual card number can be used to create an prepaid debit card.

Apple Music Home Tab The new version, the tab that was called Listen Now will now be named Home.

Stopwatch Live Activity – Thanks to the latest version, Stopwatch Running now features Live Activity.

Stolen Device Security Users can choose to require a delay in the event of any changes in the security settings.

Podcast Transcriptions- With the latest version the Podcast app will now include English, French, German and Spanish transcripts.

iMessage Post Quantum CryptographyApple has announced an important upgrade for iMessage with the latest version. Apple has launched the option of secure, end-to-end messaging to users.

UI for Battery Settings- The company has introduced an UI specifically for battery settings specifically for iPhone 15 series users. The users will have the ability assess the state of the battery by using Battery Health. If there’s no problem concerning the battery it will display as normal.

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Download the latest update as this

  1. The first step is to log in to Settings.
  2. Tap on General and then go on to Software Update.
  3. A new update will be released here. You just need to click Download & install the update.
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