Google Maps gets three major updates for better navigation

Google Maps gets three major
Google Maps gets three major

Google Maps is the go-to navigation app for millions of people around the world. It helps us find our way everywhere, from our local neighborhoods to far-off destinations. Google is constantly updating Maps with new features and improvements, and recently, Google Maps gets three major updates for better navigation.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at Google Maps gets three major updates for better navigation and how they can help you get around more easily and efficiently.

Google Maps gets three major updates for better navigation

Google Maps, the world’s most popular navigation app, is getting three major updates that will make it even more useful and powerful. These updates include Immersive View, eco-friendly routing, and better support for public transportation.

1. Immersive View for Routes feature of Google Maps is finally rolling out

The immersive view for routes features are being rolled out in 15 cities on Android and iOS this week. The immersive view feature of Google Maps was rolling out at a very slow since the announcement in May 2022, but now this feature is becoming more widely available.

If you have not tried it, the Immersive View Street View, satellite and live data combines the real-time aerial view of the famous sites in the supported cities. In May, Google announced immersive view for routes, which gives you the same impressive visuals for any route you are planned, which makes it very useful.

This week, this feature is finally being rolled out in 15 cities that Google mentioned in May: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin, Florence, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Paris, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Tokyo and Venice.

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2. Maps search is becoming more helpful

Photo-first results are being rolled out in America, UK and other countries this week, Thematic results are being rolled globally on Android and iOS this week. Google still has the king of search, despite being the king of search, the search function of Google Maps is not as powerful as it can – but this week it is about to change.

Google says it sees millions of comprehensive discoveries in Google Maps, such as “animal latte art” or just “things to do around me”, so he is bringing some updates to help them. First there are photo-first results for search, which will come from AI-Powered Analysis of billions of photos shared by Maps users.

Instead of showing cafes with ‘animal latte art’ only in your name or review, it will also use image analysis to give you a list of photo-based results. Choose your favorite from images and it will give you more information and directions. This feature is being rolled out in the US, UK, France, Germany and Japan this week.

The second update, this week is being rolled out globally on Android and iOS, will help to answer the discoveries to do widespread ‘things’. Instead of a long list of results, now you will see theme in Google Maps search results (eg ‘art exhibitions’ or ‘anime’), which promises to make it like maps-based time out guides.

3. More useful EV charger information is on the way

If you have an electric car, you will be happy to see the recent reforms made in the information of the charging station of Google Maps – and that information will soon become very detailed and useful.

Google says that this week on Android and iOS, its charging station information on MAPS will now include whether a charger is compatible with your car and how fast the charger is.

Perhaps most effectively, MAPS will also show when the charger was last used – which will help you decide whether it is one of the many one who is not currently working.

Google says that 25% EV chargers in the US are closed at any time, so this feature promises to be a potentially large time saving (and stress reducing).


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