Chat lock feature is coming soon on WhatsApp on all connected devices

Chat lock feature is coming soon on WhatsApp on all connected devices

Are you ever worried that one of your friends or family members might read your WhatsApp chats accidentally or intentionally? If yes, then there is good news for you! Chat lock feature is coming soon on WhatsApp on all connected devices.

WhatsApp is working on a feature that will make your privacy stronger. Chat lock feature is going to come on all linked devices in the coming days, which is currently seen in Android beta version. Let’s know about WhatsApp Chat lock feature in detail.

What is missing from the existing chat lock feature?

There is already a chat lock feature on WhatsApp, which allows users to secure their chats using their device’s passcode, Face ID, fingerprint or secret code.

This is definitely a great feature, but it has one drawback. This security measure only applies to the device where you set it up.

This means that if you log in to WhatsApp Web or another linked device, locked chats can be accessed.

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Chat lock feature is coming soon on WhatsApp on all connected devices?

WhatsApp Introduce Exciting Update

According to the recently released WhatsApp beta version (Android, this feature may soon be available to everyone. Let’s see how this will work:

Full sync: Locking a chat on your phone will magically lock it on all your other linked devices too. This ensures consistent security across every platform where you use WhatsApp.

Unlocking with a secret code: To access locked chats on the linked device, you’ll need to enter the secret code you set up during initial activation.

This adds an additional security layer, ensuring that only authorized users can view your private messages.

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Benefits of the new chat lock feature

The new chat lock feature has many benefits. Let’s look at some important benefits:

Enhanced security: This feature will keep your chats secure on every device. Even if you give your phone to someone or leave WhatsApp open on another device, your chats will remain safe.

Peace of mind: Now you will not have to worry that someone might see your chat. You can use WhatsApp on any device without any worries.

Uniform experience: The new chat lock feature will provide a uniform experience across all devices. Now you will not need to enable chat lock separately on each device.

How will the new chat lock feature be used?

As of now, the new chat lock feature is in beta testing and complete information about it has not been revealed. But it is believed that the method of using it will be similar to the existing chat lock feature.

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Open the chat you want to lock.
  • Go to chat header.
  • There you can see the option of chat lock. (This feature may be under testing right now in the beta version)
  • Enable Chat Lock and set a PIN or fingerprint of your choice.

Today we know about a big update that Chat lock feature is coming soon on WhatsApp on all connected devices. The new chat lock feature will play an important role in strengthening the privacy of users.

This feature will be especially beneficial for those users who want to keep their chats safe from others.

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