WhatsApp Beta for Android Version Unveils Exciting Features: A Sneak Peek into the Latest Updates!

WhatsApp Beta for Android Version
WhatsApp Beta for Android Version

WhatsApp Beta for Android Version WhatsApp has released an update via Google Play Beta Program. 

Google Play Beta Program that brings the version to’s new in this update? WhatsApp is currently working on a feature to select and manage favorite accounts, and it will be released in the next update!

Common questions Answers
The name and description of the item? Favorite Recipes
Status? Under development
Availability? WhatsApp is currently working on a feature to select and manage favorite accounts for in the future version of the app.
I’ve installed the update, however I’m not getting this feature. Why? The feature is in development, so it’s not yet accessible to beta testers however, it’s possible to find a preview within this post.
Previous news? WhatsApp to Mac 24.4.79 What’s new? WhatsApp has released new enhancements and bugs fix to all its users!

In the post on this WhatsApp beta version for the Android update, we revealed that WhatsApp worked with your preferred contacts to speedily place calls.

This update aims to improve the method of reaching all the important groups and contacts through the integration of several shortcuts inside the tab for calls.

Although this feature is currently in development, the current WhatsApp beta version for Android update that is available through the Google Play Store, reveals that WhatsApp is currently working on improving this feature, including the capability to select and manage the contacts they want to use.

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In the image, WhatsApp is currently in the process of creating an option to select and manage their preferred contacts in the event of a later update to the application.

After selecting their preferred group or contacts, they will be displayed in an additional section that users can contact them at any time, giving easier access to their primary contacts.

Additionally, WhatsApp will provide users with the ability to arrange the list of contacts by using drag-and-drop features, which allows users to easily change the order of the contacts they like in accordance with their personal preferences.

According to us, this improvement is a major improvement in user comfort and efficiency when interacting to their most crucial group of contacts.

With the introduction of the capability to pick and manage favourites, WhatsApp will provide users with an effective tool for separating their most important contacts as well as groups, making sure that they’re always one click away from the call tab.

This feature means that users won’t have to go through the entire contact list to locate their most loved contacts and groups. Instead, they’ll navigate to the favorites section and quickly start calls, which will save valuable hours and energy.

The feature that allows users to select their favorite is currently in development and will be made available in the upcoming update to the application. We will update this article when we know more information about the feature.

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