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do not disturb mode feature

WhatsApp is rolling out a new do not disturb mode feature for missed calls

Meta-owned WhatsApp rapidly testing and improving the quality of its app. There are billions of active WhatsApp users in the world. So to improve the quality and user experience of the users they have...
Instagram adds new schedule feature

Instagram adds new schedule feature for posts and reels

If you are an active Instagram user and regularly post content on Instagram then you have realized that many times we need to wait for a certain time to upload a post or a...
How to Used Free Wi-Fi

How to Used Free WiFi Without Khowing Password for Android Users

As Internet prices are Rising, many of our friends forgot to recharge their phones. At that time we were searching for a free WiFi connection to use the internet so that we could save...
How to on Flashlight with Whistle

How to on Flashlight with Whistle for Android users

We have always been in need of flashlight and nowadays we use our mobile to on the flashlight. But many times, it will happen with you that your mobile is not with you and...
Remini - Al Photo Enhancer

Edit old damaged photos and Improve the best quality using the Remini – Al...

Today I am going to tell you about an app about which you might have heard for the first time. You will have a lot of old photos on your phone. If you want...
WhatsApp online to personal people

A new feature for WhatsApp users, you can only show online to personal people

WhatsApp keeps on coming new features for its users every day so that users can get more help in using WhatsApp. There are many features provided inside WhatsApp. But many people do not know...