Apple Watch Series 10 Release Date

Apple Watch Series 10 Release Date
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Apple Watch Series 10 coming soon! If rumors are to be believed, this smartwatch can make a grand entry to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Apple Watch. Everyone is waiting for Apple Watch Series 10 Release Date.

In this blog, we will reveal everything we know so far about the Apple Watch Series 10 Release date, expected price, specifications and the special features that could make it a game changer.

So, let’s begin without any further delay!

Apple Watch Series 10 Release Date

Apple has been quite regular with its Watch releases. Every year a new Apple Watch comes. Last year, Apple Watch Series 9 was launched in September 2023, which means that Apple Watch Series 10 can also be launched this year i.e. around September in 2024.

However, some rumors have it also being called “Apple Watch X”, which could be a new brand name to celebrate the 10th anniversary, as was done with the iPhone

There is no official confirmation yet, but according to speculations it can be launched at Apple’s annual event in September 2024. We can also hear about iPhone 16 in the same event.

Specifications of Apple Watch Series 10

Apple Watch Series 10
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According to the information revealed so far, some major changes can be seen in Apple Watch Series 10. Let’s take a look at some possible specifications:


Apple Watch Series 10 is expected to have a fast and powerful processor, which will give even better performance than Series 9.

With this, apps will open faster and the reaction time of the smartwatch will also reduce.


There is no concrete information yet regarding the design. But if speculations are to be believed, the bezel (edge) of the Apple Watch can be made even thinner, which will increase the screen size without increasing the size of the watch.

It has also been told in some leaks that the company can adopt a magnetic system to attach the wristband, which will make the look of the watch even more premium.


Everyone wants that the battery of their smartwatch does not get drained near the charger. It is expected that battery life will be much better in Series 10. It is possible that on a single charge it will last for two days or more.

With this, you will be able to roam around without any worries, go to the gym, and take care of your fitness without worrying about the watch’s battery draining out.


It is certain that Series 10 will have connectivity features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. But in some rumors there is also talk of 5G connectivity.

With the speed of 5G, you will be able to make high definition video calls or play online games on your watch. Will it be fun?

New Features in Apple watch series 10

Not only the specifications are going to improve in Apple Watch Series 10, but it is also expected to bring many special features which will completely change the experience of your smartwatch.

Blood Glucose Monitoring:

This might be the most exciting feature. Some reports suggest that the Apple Watch Series 10 will have the ability to measure blood glucose levels without a prick. This will be very useful for diabetes patients.

Body Temperature Measurement:

This feature has also been in discussion for a long time. It is being said that Series 10 will have a sensor to measure body temperature, which will help you detect fever or other health problems.

Better health tracking:

Apple Watch already tracks many health metrics, like heart rate, steps, sleep, etc. The Series 10 is expected to have the ability to track even more health metrics, such as blood pressure, SpO2 (oxygen levels in the blood) and stress levels.

More sports modes:

Apple Watch Series 10 may come with several new sports modes, which will help in tracking different types of exercises and activities.

Improved apps and developer tools:

Improvements to developer tools for Apple Watch will let developers create even more amazing and useful apps.

More Durable Design:

Apple Watch Series 10 can be designed to provide more protection from dust and water.

Apple Watch Series 10 Price

Apple doesn’t release the price yet. But looking at the previous models, it can be estimated that the starting price of Apple Watch Series 10 can be around $ 399, which is equal to Series 9. However, if any special feature or new technology comes in it, then the price may be slightly higher.

It is also worth noting that Apple usually reduces the price of older models when a new model comes out. So, it is possible that Series 7 or 8 may become a little cheaper, which may be beneficial for your budget.


If you are thinking of buying Apple Watch, it would be better to wait for Apple Watch Series 10 release date. It will definitely be an exciting device. It is expected to have many new and great features which will completely change your smartwatch experience.

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