Instagram Reels may Soon be Up to 10 Minutes Long

Instagram Reels may Soon 10 Minutes
Instagram Reels may Soon 10 Minutes

According to mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is getting ready to increase the top duration of its Reels feature to ten minutes in a bold move to keep up with rivals. 

In this article we will tell you about Instagram Longer Reels Up to 10 Minutes Long. This change will not only give Instagram an advantage because the current limit is three minutes, but it will also make us reevaluate how we classify social media websites.

Instagram Might Be Attempting To Take On TikTok

Instagram’s move into the extended video space shows it’s unwilling to be pigeonholed as a platform only for photos and short videos, even though TikTok has been allowing its users to upload 10-minute videos. 

It appears to be a part of a larger trend where social media juggernauts are abandoning their original niches. The terms “photo platform,” “short video platform,” and “long video platform,” which have been used to describe Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, respectively, for a long time, are no longer applicable.

Another illustration of this is YouTube. In a seemingly paradoxical move, it is attempting to gain market share for short-form videos by introducing features that make it more resemble TikTok. What is the purpose of this then? Being the “all-in-one” platform is a straightforward goal.


In this article we discussed Instagram Reels may Soon be Up to 10 Minutes Long. The parent company of Instagram, Meta, has confirmed that the screenshots of the Reels extension are from an “internal prototype.” 

The distinctions between these platforms are becoming increasingly hazy at a never-before-seen rate, despite their lack of a release date for this change. 

It’s important to break down barriers and broaden horizons these days rather than just keeping up.



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