Boat Smart Ring Unboxing 

Boat Smart Ring Unboxing 
Boat Smart Ring Unboxing 

The wearable fitness tracker Boat Smart Ring was introduced on Monday in India. The ring-shaped smart wearable health monitoring device lets users track a variety of health metrics, as the name suggests. 

In this article we will tell you about Boat Smart Ring Unboxing. You will get all the valuable insights about the smart ring that will help you to make your buying decision very easy.

Boat Smart Ring Specifications

Product Name

Smart Ring Gen 1

Net Weight


Working Time

5 – 7 days (In normal mode)

Standby Time

30 days

Bluetooth Version


Working Temperature

-20°C to 50°C

Charging Time

< 1.5 Hrs

Water Resistance


What Are Smart Rings?

Smart rings are devices equipped with NFC and sensors to monitor your body’s temperature, heart rate, sleep patterns, menstrual cycle for females, and other aspects of your health and fitness.

Boat Smart Ring Unboxing

The Boat Smart Ring box contains the ring, a charging cable, and an instruction manual which is included with the ring that contains basic information about the product and also shows the steps to connect the Ring with the application. 

As per the teaser image, the boAt smart ring appears to be a sleek, fashionable ring with a metal and ceramic body. It can be worn in a variety of settings, including formal and traditional settings as well as casual ones. 

The boAt Smart Ring is available in three different sizes, measuring 17.40mm, 19.15mm, and 20.85mm. High-quality ceramic and metallic materials are used in making these rings. It is water-resistant to a depth of 50 meters and has a 5 ATM rating.

The boAt Ring can be used with one hand, and a feature of this offering is how it can be operated and interacted with using straightforward swipes and touches. The device is made to be portable and comfortable to use for extended periods of time.

The Boat Smart Ring keeps track of your heart rate, blood oxygen saturation levels (SpO2), sleep patterns, and even body temperature. The Boat Ring app allows users to monitor their steps, calories burned, and various sports activities. Both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store have the app. 

According to the manufacturer, the Boat Smart Ring allows you to swipe through short-form video apps. The company hasn’t yet disclosed a list of apps that are compatible with it, nor has it indicated which actions go with which features.

As well as pausing, restarting, and changing tracks, gestures can be used to control music playback. These actions can also be used to take pictures on a linked smartphone, allowing you to take group photos while using the ring as a remote and positioning the phone far away for better image quality.

The Boat Smart Ring can be used to initiate SOS calls in an emergency, according to the company. Ceramic and metallic materials are used to make the device. Boat asserts that the battery life of the device is seven days, and that the included charger can be used to recharge the ring.

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Boat Ring’s Health Features 

Battery life: The company advertises a seven-day battery life and offers “smart” charging using a specialized charger.

Activity Tracking: Tracks daily physical activities like steps, distance, and calories burned.

Heart Rate Monitoring: Tracks heart rate throughout the day and during workouts.

Body Recovery Tracking: The Smart Ring monitors body recovery levels by analyzing heart rate variability and activity logs, which enables users to keep their general wellbeing.

Body temperature monitoring: Notifies users of changes in body temperature, assisting in the detection of potential medical conditions.

SpO2 Monitoring: Offers information on blood oxygen levels

Sleep monitoring: Examines your sleeping patterns, duration of sleep overall, time spent in each stage of sleep (REM, deep sleep, and light sleep), and any sleep disturbances.

Menstrual Cycles: Women can track and forecast their menstrual cycles while also getting smart notifications and reminders.

Smart Touch Controls: These controls are simple to use and enable users to interact with compatible devices with just one hand.

boAt Ring App: Data visualizations and insights with historical trends and progress tracking are provided by the boAt Ring App, which syncs with it.

boAt Ring Smart Touch Control

The boAt Ring is single-handed compatible, and a feature of this device is how easily it can be operated and interacted with using swipes and touches. 

The following are the boAt touch control features:

Music Control: Touch can be used to pause, resume, and change tracks during music playback.

Take pictures: You have the ability to remotely operate the shutter of the connected phone camera and take pictures. It would be cool to take pictures of big groups in this way since you can hold the phone at a distance and take the photo when the frame is just right.

Navigation: Swipe on the boAt Ring to browse short-form video apps. The list of compatible apps and the actions that trigger which functions have not been disclosed by the company. 

Emergency Calling: The boAt Ring’s ability to initiate SOS calls in an emergency could end up saving lives.

Price and availability of Boat Smart Ring in India

The Boat Smart Ring is only available in the one metallic Silver color and costs Rs. 8,999 in India. Flipkart and Amazon are the two online retailers where you can buy it. It has three diameter options, measuring 17.40mm, 19.15mm, and 20.85mm.


In this article we discussed Boat Smart Ring Unboxing. Boat Smart Ring is a funky wearable with cutting-edge technology that hosts a number of features, such as call/message notifications, music control, and fitness tracking. 

It is a great option for everyday wear because it is also dustproof and water-resistant. The Boat Smart Ring is a fantastic option if you are looking for a fashionable and useful wearable that offers a number of features.


Q. What is boAt ring?

Answer. The Boat Smart Ring is a smart ring shaped device that keeps track of your heart rate, blood oxygen saturation levels (SpO2), sleep patterns, and even body temperature. The Boat Ring application allows users to monitor their steps, calories burned, and various sports activities. 

Q. What is the use of a boat smart ring?

Answer. Your heart rate, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels, sleep, and even body temperature are among the health indicators that the Boat Smart Ring keeps track of. 

Q. What is the price of a boat smart ring in India?

Answer. The Boat Smart Ring is available for purchase for Rs 8,999. 17.40mm, 19.15mm, and 20.85mm are the three available sizes for the device. The only stores in the country where you can buy it are Flipkart and Amazon.

Q. Is boAt a Chinese business?

Answer. BoAt is a consumer electronics company with its headquarters in India that was founded in 2015 and sells earphones, stereo headphones, portable chargers, and premium rugged cables.


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