Avast Clean Up- Phone Cleaner Review (2024)

Avast Clean Up- Phone Cleaner

Avast Clean Up- Phone Cleaner app review: Avast Cleanup is a application designed for Android smartphones, developed by Avast Software.

Its primary purpose is to optimize the performance and efficiency of your phone by removing files and reducing the size of your photos.

We’ll tell you about its cool features in this Avast Clean Up- Phone Cleaner app review, so you can free up your space, make your battery last longer, and say goodbye to a slow phone!

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What is Avast Clean Up- Phone Cleaner?

Avast Cleanup is one of the best phone cleaner apps you can get in the app store. It is a very powerful junk and cache cleaner app from Avast.

With Avast Clean-up, you can conserve storage by clearing out all temporary files, caches, and thumbnails.

It greatly increases your phone’s speed and frees up a lot of storage space. Avast has a quick and simple user interface.

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Avast Clean Up- Phone Cleaner Features

  • Quick Clean: It identifies and deletes cache files, app data and junk files that occupy space on your mobile phone.
  • RAM Cleaner: This frees up more memory thereby increasing the phone’s performance
  • Media Analyzer: It helps you identify huge media files such as photos and videos that are no longer required and removes them.
  • Automatic Cleaning: This feature makes sure your phone gets cleaned periodically without you having to do it yourself.
  • Deep Clean: This feature wipes out even more junk files than quick clean ones.
  • Battery Saver: It increases battery life by shutting down apps that drain your battery power
  • Advanced Photo Optimizer: You can shrink your photo files without sacrificing quality thanks to this feature.

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Pros and Cons of Avast Clean Up- Phone Cleaner App


  • Safe and secure cleaning
  • Full clean-up
  • Benefits of cloud services
  • Built-in Recycle Bin
  • Simple and easy to use interface


  • Cloud uploads should be used more effectively.
  • The app uses a surprising quantity of background information

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How To Download Avast Clean Up- Phone Cleaner App Review?

The Avast Clean Up- Phone Cleaner app can be downloaded by following the steps below:-

  • Launch Google Play Store on your smartphone.
  • To start your search, type “Avast Clean Up- Phone Cleaner” into the search box at the top of the page.
  • Select the first app that appears and tap Install to download and set it up on your phone.

Simply tap the Install button to start the first app that loads on your phone and download it.



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