Realme 12 5G Series: Book this Powerful Smartphone at an Unbeatable Price of Less Than 20,000 Before the Official Launch!

Realme 12 5G Series
Realme 12 5G Series

Realme has announced a brand new series to the customers in the upcoming month. The company has announced the realme 12 5g Series to its customers.

The company has announced two new phones to this series. Realme has confirmed that the series will be launched with an amount of less than 20 lakh. The website for the series is up and running.

If you’re looking to buy a new mobile with a cost lower than the amount of Rs. 20 lakh This information could be helpful to you.

The month of March will see new phones coming from Samsung to Realme are set to hit the market. This means that Realme will launch two new smartphones in the Realme 12 Series 5G to its customers.

When will the phones of realme launch?

The company will introduce realme 12 5G as well as realme 12+ 5G as part of the realme 12 5G for Indian customers.

Both phones will be released on the 6th of March. There is however the possibility of pre-booking the phone before launch. The series is available for pre-booking through Flipkart.

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Smartphone launch date pre-booking

smart phone launch date Pre-booking date
Realme 12 and Realme 12+ 5G 6 March 2024 at 12 noon 29 February 2024, from 2 3:00 pm

What makes Realme 12 5G Series special?

The company has stated that the new line of smartphones is unique, as they are the first smartphones in India equipped complete with Sony OIS and at a cost of less than 20 lakh.

The phone comes with a luxury design for watches

Realme’s new phones are presented with luxurious watch designs. The Realme 12 series is regarded as unique in terms of camera specifications. Prior to the launch, details regarding the camera of the realme 12 series was provided on the landing page.

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Camera is also fantastic

Realme handset will mark the debut of Sony’s LYT600 OIS equipped device. High-quality images can be viewed directly from the phone. The phone will come with the ability to use the cinematic portrait feature, high-quality HDR and a two-time sensor zoom.

The chipset is extremely powerful.

Realme phone comes equipped with the most powerful 5G chipset. The phone will be equipped by using MediaTek 7050 chip.

Amazing display

Based on the information provided regarding the display, this phone will be equipped with 120hz AMOLED display as well as the Rain Water Smart Touch.

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