WhatsApp has launched a new messages emoji reaction feature

WhatsApp messages emoji reaction feature
WhatsApp messages emoji reaction feature

WhatsApp messages emoji reaction feature: WhatsApp has launched a new message reaction feature. This is a very nice feature. With the help of this feature, you can react to any message. This feature has been launched recently. But not all users have got this feature yet. But very soon this feature will be available to all the users. WhatsApp keeps on bringing new features to its users every day. Similarly, WhatsApp has recently launched this feature.

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You will benefit a lot from this feature. You can react to any message and you can reply with emoji of any message. Like if any personal messages you on WhatsApp, then you can like that message. So if you want to use this feature and want to react to any message, then you can do it very easily. So let us tell you about this feature in full detail so that you can use this feature and react to any message.

How to use the new message reaction feature in WhatsApp

WhatsApp has rolled out the message reaction feature after a long time. The founder and (CEO) of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg gave this information on Facebook on 5 May 2022. He said that from today all WhatsApp users can use emoji reactions. With the help of this message reaction feature, users will be able to explain their points easily.

WhatsApp has just rolled out 6 emojis at the beginning. Includes emojis like thumbs-up, heart, laughing, surprise, sad and thank. But some new emojis can also be launched in the coming time. Let us tell you how to use this feature?

  • First of all, update your WhatsApp and open it.
  • After that, you open the chat.
  • Now press and hold the message on which you want to react.
  • Now a pop-up will appear in front of you with 6 emoji reactions. Through this, you can give your reaction.
  • After that, you choose one of these reactions.
  • The emoji reaction will appear below the selected text.

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