Android 15 Release Date, Check Out Impressive Specs and Features (2024)

Android 15 Release Date in India
Android 15 Release Date

Android 15 Release Date: As expected, Google recently unveiled Android 15, its next major improvement for mobile operating systems. Development and release will occur through three stages as usual.

February 16th marks the kick-off date of Phase 1, which specifically targets developers and phone makers by offering them a glimpse into changes so that they may become acquainted with new software.

Android 15 Developer Preview 1 has just been made available and will shortly after be followed up with a Beta release.

Once beta testing has concluded, and once final release occurs (usually near year’s end).

All the phones that can download Android 15

Like its previous releases over time, Android 15 Developer Preview 1 will only support Google Pixel smartphones as its initial test case. Below is the complete list of compatible phones:

  • Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro
  • Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro
  • Pixel 7a
  • Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro
  • Pixel 6a
  • Pixel Fold
  • Pixel Tablet
Android 15 will eventually arrive for phones from other manufacturers as well, but during its Developer Preview stage only Pixel devices can join in the fun.

Android 15 Developer Preview release date

Android 15 Developer Preview has officially arrived! Developers can now flash the Android 15 system image onto compatible smartphones to access it for development testing purposes.

Downloadable from Friday, February 16, this first Developer Preview of Android 15 will be made available via its resource page for developers to try before release on final consumer devices later this year.

Even without access to compatible devices, those interested can still experience Android 15 and create apps utilizing its updated code via official emulator that comes packaged as part of Android studio kit.

Google plans on offering two Developer Preview releases of Android 15 later in 2019, with one scheduled to arrive by March.

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Android 15 Beta release date

Android 15 will continue its tests among developers for several more weeks before its initial beta build is released to public testing in April according to its official road map from Google.

As previously discussed, beta testing is an open process which does not require special invites or privileges; all you need to enroll your device for public beta testing batch is enroll it for public testing batch.

At least, this version is significantly less buggy compared to development builds; therefore, we suggest it as being appropriate for everyday enthusiasts to experiment with.

Over the coming months, Google plans on rolling out four beta updates, the fourth being “near-final” according to their specifications, which is targeted for release during July-August window.

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Android 15 Release Date

Beta testing phase of next-gen Android iterations typically lasts the longest and involves multiple beta update releases.

Android 15 beta builds will first begin rolling out in April, with plans to reach platform stability by June.

Now, Google has yet to announce an exact release date for Android 15 as an stable update, though most likely this will occur toward the end of 2024’s third quarter.

Android 14 made its debut last October while Android 13 hit shelves during August of 2014.

Regarding Android 15, the optimal time would likely fall somewhere between September and October.

However, depending on how extensive and profoundly software optimization will need to occur for an update to be released on time, its release window could shift either towards or away from an anticipated time slot.

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