New text formatting tools coming to WhatsApp beta for Android

New text formatting tools coming to WhatsApp
New text formatting tools coming to WhatsApp

New text formatting tools coming to WhatsApp beta for Android: With a number of new features being constantly added to the beta, WhatsApp has been pretty busy as of late. We recently learned that WhatsApp is preparing to let the users change the color of the app’s theme soon.

In this article we will tell you about new text formatting tools coming to WhatsApp beta for Android. This could be another big leap towards improving user experience as was the rollout of WhatsApp multi-account support feature.

New text formatting tools coming to WhatsApp beta for Android

Another WABetaInfo report now claims that there are several new WhatsApp text formatting tools that will be made available to Android users very soon. The latest report suggests that two more text formatting tools have been introduced for WhatsApp in its latest version # for Android Beta update.

Using these text formatting tools, you can now add code blocks, quote blocks, numbered lists and bulleted lists in your messages if you are a Whatsapp user on Android devices. In addition to strikethrough, italicized and bolded options are already available.

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How To Use This Feature?

You just need to apply some particular formatting syntaxes or shortcuts as pictured above so as to use this feature. Here is a quick summary of how it works:

Code Block: For your text to become a code block on whatsapp, simply put “~” before and after each sentence.

Quote Block: To insert a quote block, use the “>” symbol at the beginning and end of a message.

Ordered lists: In the meantime, to quickly create a bulleted list, you must place either the”-” or”*” symbol before a sentence. To begin constructing a numbered list, simply enter the desired number.

Reports about this feature possibly coming to WhatsApp have been circulating for a while now, dating back to August 2023. This feature was reportedly being tested for the web and mobile app versions of WhatsApp in October 2023, according to another report. Additionally, we discovered an official WhatsApp support page while drafting that already lists all of these formatting options.


Q. What is the new text format in WhatsApp?

Answer. To format text as a code block simply enclose it with backticks (<). Another useful feature is the block, which allows you to reply to a section of a previous message. To create a quote block precede the quoted text, with the “>” character.

Q. What is the new format of WhatsApp?

Answer. The formatting options for the text are only available on the Web and iOS platforms. Another way to apply these formatting options is by using shortcuts. You can select Bold, Italic or hold down on the text you typed in the text field. To choose between Monospaced and Strikethrough simply tap on it.

Q. What is the use of formatting text?

Answer. Text formatting encompasses features within word processors that modify the presentation of text including elements like color and size. To ensure a sense of professionalism and maintain consistency, in written work it is essential to employ text formatting techniques.

Q. Can I text using WhatsApp?

Answer. Sending a text message is easy once you initiate a conversation. Just tap on the text bar at the bottom of the screen. Your keyboard will appear.


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