Apple iOS 17.4 Introduce Exciting Features: A Comprehensive Guide to the Latest Features

Apple iOS 17.4 Introduce Exciting Features
Apple iOS 17.4 Introduce Exciting Features

Apple iOS 17.4 Introduce Exciting Features: Apple is expected to release iOS 17,4 soon, which will introduce several new features and fix some existing issues. Here are the most important features that will be included in the next iOS update.

Apple iOS 17.4 Introduce Exciting Features

Apple released iOS 17.4 Release Candidate to public beta testers, developers and other interested parties.

The upcoming update may also include new features, such as more Stolen device Protection options and detailed statistics on battery health.

There is currently no word on the release date of the stable version, but here are the top features that will be coming to iPhones in the next update.

100+ emojis

Apple has added over 100 new emojis in the first beta version of iOS 17.4. There’s a phoenix emoji as well as a slice lime, and a head that shakes up and down. Some of these emojis have been available for some Android phones since last year.

New digital clock widget

Apple iOS 17.4 beta added a widget for the digital clock. The new widget, named ‘City Digital’ shows both the current time and a location. This is a great tool if you are travelling and want to know the time of your hometown.

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Battery health details

The Battery Health section of the Settings app in iOS 17.4 will now show you more details about your phone’s battery. Tap on the battery health to see details such as maximum capacity and cycle count.

The battery health indicator is now much more detailed than the old version which showed only a percentage.

Additional Device Protection Options

New options have been added to the recently launched Stolen Device protection feature that will enhance the security of the device.

The user can choose whether they want to use a biometric authentication in order to change certain settings, or delay functionality when they leave a familiar place like home or work.

With iOS 17.4, you may also be required to enter your passcode as well as biometric ID in order to remove Apple accounts from a device.

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Siri can send messages in multiple languages

Siri, the voice assistant of Apple’s company will soon allow users to send messages in different languages.

You can enable this feature by going to the Siri & Search section of the Settings app and selecting ‘Messaging With Siri’.

You will then be able send messages in languages such as Arabic, Thai and Spanish. Apple has updated the name of ‘Automatically Send Messages’ to ‘Messaging With Siri.’

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