Apple to launch New Mac This October and New iPad Lineup in 2024

Apple to launch New Mac
Apple to launch New Mac

New Mac and iPad releases are always a big deal for Apple fans. The upcoming Macs are anticipated to be among the most effective and powerful Macs ever, and the upcoming iPads are anticipated to offer a number of upgrades over the current models.

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple intends to release new iPad models in March 2024. In this article we will tell you Apple will launch New Mac This October and New iPad Lineup in 2024.

The 11th-generation iPad, the seventh-generation iPad Mini, and the sixth-generation iPad Air will probably all receive updates. A new iPad Pro could be released, but it’s less likely.

New iPad Lineup In 2024 With Changes To The Apple Pencil

According to Gurman it is possible that Apple may discontinue the first generation Apple Pencil and the ninth generation of the iPad. This is because future iPads produced by Apple will not include the Lightning connector, which is used by the first generation Pencil. However this change won’t happen immediately.

Apple will launch New Mac This October

By the end of the current month, Apple plans to introduce a product that is specifically designed for Mac users. It’s possible that a new 24-inch iMac model will be unveiled at this event.

This action was taken in response to the Gurman-reported high demand and constrained supply of iMacs and MacBook Pros in both retail and online stores.

An upgrade is overdue for the M1-powered 24-inch iMac currently in use. Although he hasn’t verified it, Gurman thinks the new iMac will have the M3 chip.

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Release Dates and Updates for Mac

Gurman speculates that Apple’s quarterly earnings call may be held on November 2 after the new Macs are unveiled on October 30 or 31. New processors are expected in these Macs, but significant design changes are not anticipated. Their displays may have undergone a few minor improvements.

The rumors also suggest that early 2024 will see the release of new MacBook Air models equipped with M3 processors. Also for late 2024 or early 2025 we can expect a larger “pro” model of the iMac with a 32-inch display and a new design.


In this article we discussed aboutApple will launch New Mac This October and New iPad Lineup in 2024. Reports suggest that we can expect the release of Mac models, in October 2023 followed by the debut of the iPad models in March 2024.

The upcoming iPads are anticipated to bring about improvements focusing on processors and enhanced displays. On the other hand , the new Macs are expected to feature the introduction of M3 chips.

While there hasn’t been confirmation from Apple yet these reports indicate that they continue to invest in advancing their Mac and iPad product lines.


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