How to set the Nokia 1280 Theme on your Smartphone using the Nokia 1280 app launcher.

Nokia 1280 App Launcher Reviews
Nokia 1280 App Launcher Reviews

Nokia 1280 App Launcher Reviews: Feature phones always make us remember the past when Nokia phones were in fashion but now that simplistic design is just a dream.

If you want to use the Nokia 1280 in the world of smartphones, you should use an Android device. To experience the Nokia 1280 phone and its game, users can download a launcher app.

In this article we will tell you about How to set the Nokia 1280 Theme through Nokia 1280 app Launcher. Read this post all the way through to learn more about the new Nokia 1280 launcher for Android smartphones.

What is the Nokia 1280 app Launcher?

One of the most popular apps that helps users to revive the retro Nokia 1280 theme on their phones is Nokia 1280 Theme launcher. You can install the Nokia 1280 launcher on their phone to simulate an old Nokia 1280 feature phone.

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Features of Nokia 1280 app Launcher?

  • Nokia phone theme with retro look and feel
  • It has a wide range of Nokia themes to choose from
  • The Nokia 1280 Launcher app includes a T9 Nokia 1280 keypad that you can use to dial numbers and text messages.
  • The Nokia 1280 Launcher app has hot-key navigation that allows you to quickly access key features with your phone’s directional keys.


  • The Nokia 1280 Launcher application is made to be quick and effective. Your phone won’t lag or slow down.
  • Compared to some other launcher apps, the Nokia 1280 Launcher app uses fewer features, which can help extend battery life.
  • Your phone can be made simpler to use with the Nokia 1280 Launcher app, especially for elderly or disabled users.


  • The Nokia 1280 Launcher app is not as feature-rich and has fewer features than some other launcher apps.
  • Some might think it’s too simplistic, while others might not like the retro style.

How to download the Nokia 1280 app Launcher?

You can easily download the Nokia 1280 launcher from the internet. If you want to download the Nokia launcher for your smartphone, follow these steps:

  • Look for the download button near the bottom of the post.
  • Tap the download button, to download the Nokia launcher.
  • Launch the Nokia launcher on your phone once it has been downloaded.
  • Then tap the “Yes” option, after that choose the Nokia launcher option.
  • Select Set default launcher from the menu after that. the Notification access to “on.” Now the outdated Nokia device is visible on your phone’s screen.



In this article we discussed about How to set the Nokia 1280 Theme through Nokia 1280 App Launcher Reviews. You can easily give your Android phone the appearance and feel of a vintage Nokia phone by downloading the Nokia 1280 Launcher app.

Retro Nokia phone theme, a T9 Nokia 1280 keypad, hot key navigation, and optimized performance are just a few of the features that make it simple to use and have a wide range of features.

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