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Bobble Indic Keyboard
Bobble Indic Keyboard

Many times we are trying to chat with our friends and family members. We need to do something different to get excited to read the chat. But we have no option to do anything different fancy in text, but now your problem has been solved because we are here with an application that makes your chat or text cool and unique the name of this App is Bobble Indic Keyboard. With the help of this application, you can easily change your text into Pop Text. Also, there are varieties of GIFs and stickers available that can help you easily express your feelings to other people.

This is a very wonderful application and helps all kinds of people that usually use chat to speak with someone. There are different features also available in this application that will talk in detail in this article. The application that we are discussing in this article is called Bobble Indic Keyboard. This is a very useful application and if you heard their feature you can’t wait to download and use this app.

So without getting any delay let’s get a detailed review of this application and in the end our opinion on whether it is worth staying on your smartphone or not. So keep with us till the end so that you won’t miss any valuable info and get in trouble while using it.

What is the Bobble Indic Keyboard application?

Bobble Indic Keyboard is an application that gives you different types of fonts to type, varieties of GIFs and stickers, change your text into pop-text, also you can change the theme of your keyword as well, etc. Hope till now you wouldn’t see this variety of features in a single application, but now with the help of the Bobble Indic Keyboard, it is possible. This application is free and you wouldn’t need to pay for it to use this application.

This wonderful application is made by Bobble AI, they have offered this application on Google Play Store since the 20th of December 2022 and in just less than one week means in just 5 days it has crossed over 1 crore plus downloads. That looks so crazy, and with the huge achievement within a negligible time is awesome. And with that one crore audience base, it has gained more than a 4.5-star rating on Google Play Store, that’s awesome. It is very difficult to maintain this user experience and simplicity of the application but this app does that.

If you are thinking that this user features and different options it is a very high size application but that’s wrong because it is just 25 MB in size and even after using it wouldn’t get any problem with storage in your mobile. Now let us talk about some features of this Bobble Indic Keyboard application.

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Features of Bobble Indic Keyboard application

There are a lot of different and varieties of features available in this application, and we cannot discuss all of them but some highlighting and key features of this application has discussed in detail in follows:-

  • The first key feature of this application is you can change your normal text into pop text with the help of this application while chatting.
  • There are varieties of GIFs and stickers available in their stocks that you can use to express feelings.
  • You can customize the theme of your keyboard with a single click.
  • There are so many fonts available that make your chat so cool.
  • With this huge feature, there is voice typing that saves you a lot of time.

Also, there are some tiny features available in this application that you can explore after using it. But the main feature that you must know about this application is that we have discussed above.


Final verdict about Bobble Indic Keyboard

The Bobble Indic Keyboard application is very useful and easy to use. We have been testing this application for a long time and we don’t have any problems or any trouble while using it, even an illiterate man can also handle it. And the user experience that is maintain by the creator is awesome. There are so many things that are unique from others because of the features that the application provides. You know it to download more than 4 to 5 applications but your work is done in this single Bobble Indic Keyboard application.

Our final suggestion is that you must check out this application because it makes your chat too awesome and even the next person you are sending this text to also loves the text and enjoys reading it. Please share your reviews as well in the comment section as well, so that we can also get your mode of opinion.

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