How to Calls Anyone From Unknown Number For Free

Globfone app
Globfone app

Our everyday lives depend heavily on communication in today’s fast-paced environment. The development of technology has made phone calls simpler and more practical. But occasionally we need to make calls without giving up our number, and in these cases the Globfone app is helpful. This blog will explain how to use the Globfone app to make free, unlimited calls to any number without disclosing your phone information.

Understanding Globfone

With the help of the free online calling programme Globfone, you may call any number in the globe without giving up your personal number. You may use this user-friendly programme on your PC or smartphone. The app is available for free on both the App Store and Google Play Store.

The goal of Globfone is to provide customers all around the world with free access to telecommunications services including SMS and international calls. As a company that truly believes in the concept of “Love in Sharing,” Globfone is now working to expand its coverage to include more than 90% of the major international GSM networks.

Globfone WEB is a totally FREE internet service that enables you to communicate with all of your friends and family members worldwide for free via phone calls, text messages, video chats, and P2P file sharing. This service is provided without charge! Globfone is also entirely SAFE and EASY to use; you don’t need to install any additional software or go through a drawn-out registration process.

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Features of Globfone

  • High-quality calls are offered by Globfone thanks to the usage of cutting-edge technology.
  • Globfone offers unlimited free calling without any additional fees. Thus, it is cost effective.
  • Users can make calls with ease thanks to the app’s user-friendly layout.
  • With Globfone, your phone number is secure and you can call without giving away who you are.

How to Make Unlimited Free Calls

Step1- Downloading the Globfone App

Downloading the app is the first step in utilising Globfone to make unlimited free calls. The Google Play Store or the Software Store both provide free downloads of the app.

Step2- Signing up for a Globfone Account

After downloading the app, you must create a Globfone account. You’ll have access to the Globfone user interface and be able to place calls thanks to this.

Step3- Using the Globfone Interface

You can access the Globfone interface after creating an account with Globfone. You can dial the number you want to call using the dial pad that is present.

Step3- Making a Call through Globfone

After entering the number, you can dial by selecting the call button. Once connected, you can speak with the person you wish to call without giving away your number.


Advantages of Using Globfone

  • Cost-effective: Globfone offers unlimited free calling without any additional fees.
  • High-quality calls: Quality calls are made possible by Globfone’s use of cutting-edge technology, which guarantees that your discussion will be uninterrupted and clear.
  • Simple to use: Users can make calls with ease thanks to the app’s user-friendly layout.
  • Protection of your privacy: With Globfone, your phone number is secure and you can call without giving away who you are.

Common Issues and Solutions

  • Problems in downloading Globfone: Check your internet connection or wait till a later time to attempt downloading Globfone if you are having trouble.
  • Errors while on a call: You should check your internet connection or try calling again later if you are experiencing call-related errors.

Some Other Features of Globfone

Video Chat: Any internet browser can be used to access their free video chat service from anywhere in the world. Use Globfone’s free online video chat service to get the best online video calling experience.

P2P sharing of files: You can use their free P2P File Transfer and sharing service to send an infinite number of files to your loved ones anywhere in the world. Direct file transfers between two online users using a web browser are possible with this free service. 


Globfone is a fantastic programme for making free, limitless calls to any number without giving out your personal phone number. For anyone wishing to make calls without disclosing their number, Globfone is a must-try thanks to its high-quality calls, affordability, and user-friendly design. Therefore, test Globfone right away.


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