Google Maps gets a new look and three new features for Travel

Google Maps gets a new look and three new features for Travel

Google Maps, the worldwide popular navigation app, is undergoing a makeover with the introduction of three new features and design updates aimed at improving the user experience.

Considering the summer travel season, Google Maps gets a new look and three new features for Travel by google for users. Through more efficient navigation tools users can travel more conveniently. In this article, let’s know more about Google maps new look and their new features.

Google Maps New look and better navigation

The new design of Google Maps will give users a more intuitive navigation experience.

  • Clean Home Screen: There will now be fewer tabs on the Home screen, making things cleaner and easier to find.
  • Updated pin colors: Finding places on the map is now easier than ever with updated pin colors.

Google Maps Three new features making travel planning easier

Apart from the new design, Google Maps has also introduced three new features, which are specifically designed to make travel planning easier.

1. Restaurant Recommendations:

Have you ever wondered, how many times have you gone to a new place and after reaching there, you kept wondering where to eat?

Yes, we too have fallen into this same problem many times! But now the new feature of Google Maps is going to solve this problem of yours forever!

This new feature prepares a list of the most popular restaurants near you. This list is made keeping in mind the reviews of local people.

In simple language, you will find all those restaurants which people are liking and about which everyone is talking about, in this list!

  • Trending: This list showcases the hottest and latest dining spots, updated weekly based on user reviews.
  • Top Rated: This list includes those restaurants which are liked the most by the community.
  • Hidden Gems: This list showcases great restaurants that aren’t as popular yet, but are still amazing.

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2. Create and share your own lists with Friends:

Many times it happens that we choose places to visit, but it becomes difficult to remember them. Also, if you are planning to travel with friends, then taking care of everyone’s preferences also becomes a challenge.

Both these problems will be solved with the new feature of Google Maps. Now you can easily create your own lists in the “Saved” tab.

You can include in this list those places which you want to visit or which you have already visited. Not only this, you can also share these lists with your friends. So planning a trip will now be more fun than ever!

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3. AI-Powered Insights:

Google Maps now includes artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that draw valuable insights from the maps community. When you look at a place, the AI will provide you with photos and review summaries. It will also tell you what to eat in a new city.

Suppose you are in Italy and you see the name of an unknown dish on the menu of a restaurant. Google Maps image recognition technology can help you identify which dish that is.

This feature will not only help users get a better idea of different places, but it can also tell you what the food item in the food image is called, which can be very helpful when dining out in a new city.

Google has not yet announced when these new features and design updates will be available to all users. However, it is expected that they will be rolled out any time soon.

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