Government Set to Introduce App Like TrueCaller to Prevent from Fake Calls

App Like TrueCaller
App Like TrueCaller

App Like TrueCaller: There has been constant concern over how secure Truecaller. In this situation the government is planning to launch a brand new app shortly to prevent false calls and ensure that people are secure.

The Internet and Mobile Association of India and TRAI are on top in this regard. We would like to know more the details of this app.

We are aware that government officials are continuously striving to prevent fraudulent calls. Following this pattern the government is working on launching an indigenous Truecaller-like application. The report states that the app will reveal details about the actual ID of the person calling.

In the report that the new application will display your number for the person calling you and his actual name, the one he completed when making the call.

This can help reduce the possibility of receiving fake calls. You will also be able to determine whether you’d like to take the call. Called Calling Name Presentation (CNAP).

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The government is working on CNAP for two years

Let us inform you that on the 29th of November 2023, the government issued a recommendation or consultative paper to telecom companies concerning calling Name Presentation (CNAP).

In this paper, TRAI invited stockholders to provide their remarks on this topic. Then there was an open discussion about the consultation paper was held on the 1st of March 2023.

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Careful consideration is given to these sources

Following self-analysis and inputs from stockholders TRAI came up with a plan to implement the presentation of calling names within telecom networks. Certain aspects were highlighted in this.

“Calling Name Presentation” (CNAP) is a service that should be made available as a service within the Indian telecom network.

Telecom companies may provide Calling Name Presentation (CNAP) services to customers upon an inquiry.

The company also informed that the details customers provide to the telecom companies when they call numbers will then be utilized to calculate CNAP.

CLI (CLI) is to be updated by the Licensor periodically in accordance with the telephone number assigned and identification of the caller’s name as per the ITU’s Recommendation E.164/IP Address.

To accomplish this, a technological model will be developed that will assist in making the functions of CNAP work within the Indian telecom network.

Following its approval, the it is the focus of the provision of CNAP facility on every device that are sold in India.

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