How To Listen To Your Girlfriend’s Phone Calls On Your Smartphone?

How To Listen To Your Girlfriend's Phone Calls
How To Listen To Your Girlfriend's Phone Calls

Do you have any concerns about your girlfriend’s conversations? Perhaps you are wondering how to listen to your girlfriend’s phone calls on your smartphone?

If you are thinking about listening to her phone calls discreetly in order to get insights, then you should know that there are many others like you.

In this article we will tell you about How To Listen To Your Girlfriend’s Phone Calls On Your Smartphone? It is possible to find the truth without letting her know and it is important that using methods for secretly monitoring calls does not break the law.

How To Listen To Your Girlfriend’s Phone Calls?

There are two legal ways to listen to your girlfriend’s phone calls on your phone. The first way is by forwarding all her calls to your phone, (more details below) and the second way is by installing a spy app on her phone which can help you record all her phone calls.

Moreover, each one of these methods is very simple as well as used by many people throughout the whole world. Hence, they are fully explained in this article; just follow them up correctly.

1. Forward Your Girlfriend’s All Calls

What does it mean to forward your girlfriend’s calls? It means forwarding any call that comes from her phone to yours. Also, with this method, you can easily find out who else your girlfriend is involved with.

It will also enable you to have everything in your hands. But she might easily realize what is happening. In such a situation, it would be better if you lived close by and met regularly. However, if she finds out about this, it could create problems for your relationship.

How To Forward Your Girlfriend Calls To Your Phone?

For you to transfer any incoming call from your girl’s mobile into yours; kindly pick the handset from her and type *#002*Your Phone Number# then send (call). Consequently all her calls will be diverted to your telephone directly without delay.

Conversely, if you would want to cancel that call forwarding on the line of yours; simply input ##002# on her dial then call. As a result of deactivating all forwarded (diverted) calls; there shall be no other time when she shall make another contact through calling you again.

2. Using A Spyware App On Your Girlfriend’s Phone

Spying on your girlfriend’s phone calls refers to the act of listening in on her conversations. It can be a way for someone to uncover secrets they want to know about their partner.

It also provides an opportunity to listen to everything she says without her knowledge. Moreover you can spend time listening to her phone conversations without raising any suspicions unless you choose to inform her.

This method allows you to access all her calls regardless of her location in the world. However before proceeding with this approach it is essential to gain access to her phone and have time to set up everything before returning it unnoticed.

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How To Use A Spyware App On Your Girlfriend’s Phone?

To listen to your girlfriend’s phone calls you’ll need a call recording app designed for spying purposes. Currently RMC (Record My Calls) stands out as one of the choices, in this category.

It has gained a number of downloads and received decent ratings which makes it one of the most popular spying apps on the Playstore. Moreover users appreciate RMC, for its user interface, reliability and extensive range of features. Here are the steps to use RMC:

  • Use the Google Play Store to install RMC.
  • Grant the app all necessary permissions.
  • Make a folder to hold the call recordings.
  • Hide the notification for manual recording.
  • Make sure to use a new Google account for linking the app to the Google drive.
  • Turn off the app on your phone.

Now, with these configurations in place it is possible to use your phone to listen in on your girlfriends phone calls. It appears that you have been engaging in phone surveillance to listen to her conversations. Furthermore if you are interested in a guide on using RMC I recommend watching this video.



In this article we discussed How To Listen To Your Girlfriend’s Phone Calls On Your Smartphone? Emphasizing the importance of trust, and privacy is essential in maintaining a healthy relationship.

However if you find yourself feeling excessively suspicious of your girlfriend and wish to ensure her well being without causing any harm or discomfort consider implementing the suggestions provided in this article.

Rather than relying on suspicious methods, prioritize open communication, addressing concerns honestly, and building a relationship based on respect and understanding. Always make maintaining trust your top priority, as it forms the foundation of a strong partnership.


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