iOS 17.4 Update: New Features Include Stolen Device Protection and Enhanced Battery Health

iOS 17.4 Update
iOS 17.4 Update

Apple is planning to release iOS 17.4 update to its iPhone users within the next few days. This update will bring Apple offers a variety of special options to customers.

In this latest update, users will be granted accessibility to Stolen device protection as well as Battery Health, Advanced CarPlay functionality, as well as applications from third parties.

Apple iOS 17.4 Update

Apple is planning to upgrade the features to offer a an improved experience for iPhone users. To do this, Apple will soon release iOS 17.4.

Let us inform you that since the beta version there was an abundance of excitement over the new version among users.

The company will offer improvements and new features to the iPhone users via this new update.

We’ll tell you what upgrades and features you can expect to get and will offer a superior experiences to iPhone users.

Stolen Device Protection

Apple is working to improve the security features for iPhone users. In the iOS 17.4 update, you’ll receive Stolen Device Protection feature.

The latest feature makes use of an advanced biometric security system that utilizes Face ID and personalized information to protect against unauthorized access as well as data theft in the event data loss.

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iPhones will work for use Vision Pro headset

The latest update from Apple will give iPhone users the ability to access the new Vision Pro headset.

This feature will be appreciated by those who are tech-savvy. This update will enhance your experience by allowing the seamless connection between iPhone as well as the Vision Pro headset.

Can check the health of your battery

The release of iOS 17.4, Apple gets a more effective option to monitor the health of your battery. This feature that is incredibly advanced will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the battery health of your iPhone and its endurance.

To do this, you need navigate to the Settings option and then select the ‘Battery’ tab. There you will be able to check the state on your battery.

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Advanced CarPlay Functionality

iOS 17.4 will further enhance your CarPlay experience for people who own cars that feature dual-screen integration.

The new version makes it easier to make car-friendly interface of CarPlay and gives you a more enjoyable experience when you navigate.

Accessibility of third-party apps

In order to comply with the latest EU regulations The company is able to provide access to third-party apps to iPhone users running iOS 17.4.

As we’ve seen, the beta version is subject to intense testing and fine-tuning in order to provide better performance, without any problems. We hope it will be available in March.

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