Raise To Answer Application Review

Raise To Answer Application
Raise To Answer Application

We have all faced a situation where we want to receive an incoming call but sometimes our hands are greasy usually during cooking. But don’t worry we have found a solution for that problem which is Raise To Answer Application.

You can answer incoming calls by raising your phone to your ear with the help of the Raise To Answer Application. It’s a great way to answer calls quickly and conveniently, especially when your hands are full or when you’re wearing gloves.

What Is Raise To Answer Application?

The Raise To Answer Android application provides a speedy way to respond to calls. Just lift your phone towards your ear. It will indicate that the call has been answered with five beeps. 

This app is ideal for individuals who prefer call answering without the need for swiping or tapping on the screen. It is user friendly ensuring no concerns about battery usage since it’s free from advertisements and unnecessary permissions. 

It is compatible with Android versions 9.0 and above. If you want to contribute to the app’s development, Raise To Answer is open source. You can find the source code on GitHub. It works seamlessly with the default call screen. 

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Features of Raise To Answer Application

Easy to use: The application is extremely user friendly. Simply install it on your phone. Grant the permissions.

Convenient: Whether you have your hands full or are wearing gloves the app provides a way to swiftly and effortlessly answer calls.

User friendly: The app is designed with simplicity in mind. It offers instructions on its interface making it easy for anyone to navigate.

Answer calls by raising your phone to your ear: The primary feature of this app is the ability to answer calls by lifting your phone towards your ear. When a call comes in just bring the device close to your ear. The app will take care of answering it for you.

Configure the app to answer calls after a delay: If you prefer having an extra time before answering incoming calls this feature allows you to set a specific delay that suits your needs.

Turn the phone down to cancel the call; To decline calls swiftly all you need to do is place your phone face down or upside down.

How To Download Raise To Answer Application?

The Raise To Answer Application app can be downloaded by following the steps below:-

  • Launch Google Play Store on your smartphone.
  • To start your search, type “Raise To Answer Application” into the search box at the top of the page.
  • Select the first app that appears and tap Install to download and set it up on your phone.
  • Click on Install to start downloading the first search result that comes up.



In this article we discussed about Raise To Answer Application Review. Enhancing the practicality and user friendliness of your phone is a breeze, with the Raise To Answer application. Individuals who are frequently on the go or encounter difficulties using their hands will find it beneficial.

This application is incredibly easy to navigate. It provides broad functionalities. For instance you can opt to accept calls, from designated callers or even set a time duration before answering incoming calls.

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