Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6: Comprehensive Preview of the 2024 Foldable Device Under Development

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6: Anticipated Update to South Korean Electronics Giant’s Foldable Device Lineup Likely in August 2024.

Despite the fact that there are still months before the launch, the internet has been flooded with news about the Galaxy Z Fold.

Some reports state that Samsung will introduce a foldable device that is affordable, while others say that the company has been testing a more expensive model.

There are also reports that detail the design of the mainline Galaxy Z Fold 6, as it is called by many. Here’s a summary of all things related to the Galaxy Z Fold Series.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra

Samsung will reportedly introduce an Ultra model to the foldable series with the Galaxy Z Fold 6 line.

9To5 Google reported that the South Korean tech giant was working on a “Ultra”, which would be more expensive, but also better equipped with features than the Galaxy Z Fold 6 series.

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 ultra is a physical variant of the Fold 6 but with SPen integrated. There were earlier reports online that Samsung was planning to integrate a 200-megapixel camera sensor from the Galaxy S24 Ultra into the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6 smartphone.

Media reports claim that the change is highly unusual, as a switch from a 50MP to a 200MP camera sensor would be an enormous upgrade.

Samsung has taken a conservative approach recently, making small changes and refinements on its higher-end smartphones such as the Galaxy S24.

Samsung is expected to keep the flagship camera sensor of the S-series Ultra models for its high-end foldable smartphone, despite an alleged “Ultra” variant being in development.

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Affordable foldable

Samsung is also working on a foldable device that is affordable, and is expected to be launched alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 6.

There is a chance that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will be the most affordable model, given the Ultra model.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6

Galaxy Z Fold 6 will feature a squared-out design, with sharper corners, as opposed to the previous round edges.

News reports claim that the Fold 6 will be wider and shorter than the Galaxy Fold 5 according to news reports.

As per sources, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 is expected to have a broader and slightly more compact design compared to the Galaxy Fold 5.

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