Special Feature in Meta Threads – Learn How It Benefits Users and Get Essential Details Here

Special Feature in Meta Threads

Special Feature in Meta Threads: A well-known company in the field of technology, Meta offers a variety of social media platforms available to its clients. It is comprised of Instagram, Facebook and Thread.

The company has launched a brand new feature for Threads that lets you have the option of following current topics like Elon Musk’s X (formerly Twitter). We will explain in detail this new feature.

Meta in the year 2000 launched their microblogging system Threads to challenge Elon Musk’s popular Facebook-like social network X. The platform gained a lot of attention after its debut but after a brief period, the number users started to decline constantly.

The company is always trying to improve the situation and is constantly introducing new features to increase the users’ engagement. 

Following the trend of this, Meta Threads is now offering a new trending feature, which will let users discover popular topics such as X. Let us remind you that Instagram users have been soliciting Instagram to add trending features to threads since the launch last year.

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Information provided through the posts

The CEO of the company has confirmed the news on his social media site Threads.

Mark Zuckerberg said that the company has begun testing trending topics every day on the US and that this feature is scheduled to be released in other languages and countries.

Alongside this, Instagram head Adam Mosseri has also discussed the introduction of the Today Topics feature. We’ll tell you that the feature will be accessible on the search page as well as in the users’ For You feed.

Mosseri further stated that the most popular topics will be chosen by the AI system of the company in accordance with the topics that people are most interested in. Alongside this there will be political trends to be highlighted.

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What are the trends in topics to be determined?

Let us inform you that Meta has also provided information on the method by which Meta chooses these hot subjects. The company stated it is they select the Today’s Topic section is determined by a machine-learning algorithm that is based on a variety of variables.

In this way, it’s taken into consideration the number of users who are discussing a certain subject and how many people have contacted the post.



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