Touch Lock screen Photo Password Best Android App

Touch Lock screen
Touch Lock screen

You must have used many screen locks to apply screen lock on your phone, but the screen lock we are going to tell you about in this post is absolutely amazing. This is a Touch Lock screen App. If you put this lock on your phone, after that if you unlock your phone in front of anyone then no one can guess your phone password. So let’s know how we can put this lock in our phone?

What is Touch Lock Screen App?

Touch lock screen is one of the best screen lock App. This app makes the security of your phone very strong. If you want to keep your phone data safe and make your phone screen lock stronger then this app is for you. This app provides you facility to apply touch lock on your phone.

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How to Apply touch lock on your phone?

  • To used this lock very easy. You can used this app very easy way.
  • First of all, download this app by clicking on the link below.
  • After this, install the app in your phone, now open its.
  • After this, you have to allow some permission to this app.
  • Now you go to the photos gallery and select any one photo according to yourself.
  • Now you can apply lock on this photo according to yourself.
  • You will also have to generate a backup password by default after applying the lock to the photo.

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