WhatsApp has introduced Synchronized Chat Lock feature (2024)

WhatsApp has introduced Synchronized Chat Lock feature

Protecting your personal conversation is one of the priorities of WhatsApp, and now they have made it even easier. In the latest beta update, WhatsApp has introduced Synchronized Chat Lock feature. This is not only a great way to secure your chat, but it also ensures frequent protection in all your linked devices.

What is WhatsApp synchronized chat lock?

Synchronized chat lock is a feature that allows you to lock a specific chat on your smartphone, and this lock automatically applies to all other connected devices on the same chat.

This means that you no longer need to manually lock different chats on each device. An exciting upgrade is seen by WABETAINFO, which is a reliable source for WhatsApp updates.

This new feature has been found in Android update, which is available to all enrolled beta testers through Google Play Store.

For example, if you are sharing sensitive information with a colleague on your work phone, you can lock that chat.

This lock will apply to the same chat in your personal phone, tablet and even in WhatsApp web on your web browser.

It determines that no unauthorized person can see your confidential conversation, even if they get access to any of your devices.

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Benefits of synchronized chat lock

There are many benefits of this new feature, including:

  • Better privacy: This feature allows users to protect their sensitive conversations even when their device is unlocked.
  • Facility: You no longer need to lock different chats on every device. Once locked, it will apply to all connected devices.
  • Peace of mind: This feature gives you peace of mind knowing that your personal conversation can be seen only by those people you have allowed.
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How to use WhatsApp synchronized chat lock feature?

For now, synchronized chat lock is still in beta test and only available to Android users. However, it is expected to roll out for all users soon.

Once it is available on your phone, you can use it by following the following steps:

  • Update New WhatsApp Version Android
  • Open the chat you want to lock.
  • Tap on the menu button above the chat header.
  • Choose the “Lock” option.
  • You will be asked to certify from your fingerprint or enter a pin.
  • Once verified, the chat will be locked.
  • You can unlock the chat at any time using the same menu.

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Synchronized chat lock is an important feature that will allow users to better control their privacy. This feature is still in the initial stage, but it will definitely provide a more secure and convenient way to use WhatsApp.



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