Whatsapp Released A New Update For Its Channel Feature

WhatsApp released a new update for its channel feature (2)
WhatsApp released a new update for its channel feature (2)

WhatsApp has been continuously trying to improve the experience of its users with new features. Recently, WhatsApp released a new update for its channel feature, so that users will be able to share the post as their status update.

This new feature enables users to reach more wide audiences through their status and promote the content of the channel.

If you want to know more about WhatsApp Channel Features, this article is for you. Today we will talk about WhatsApp released a new update for its channel feature and know its new feature. Let’s get started!

What is the WhatsApp channel feature?

WhatsApp channel is a broadcast device that allows users to share text, images, videos and documents with large audiences. Channels support one-way communication, which means only the channel’s admin can post, while members can only see and share.

The channel can be made with up to 250 people, making them a useful tool for small communities and groups.

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WhatsApp released a new update for its channel feature

WhatsApp has introduced a group of new features for its one -way broadcasting tools – channels. Mark Zuckerberg announced on Wednesday that the channels would receive updates including voice notes, several admins, status sharing, and pole.

The purpose of these new updates is to provide users more ways to connect with WhatsApp channels.

Announcing these new features on his WhatsApp channel, Mark Zuckerberg said, “We are presenting a group of new features for WA channels, including voice notes, multiple admins, sharing in status, and polls, which are many Good because I need help in handling a debate. ” He also posted a pole seeking votes on the ‘Best Sports of All Time’.

With these new features, WhatsApp channels have become a powerful tool that can help businesses, creators and communities to join their audiences.

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New features for WhatsApp Channels

You can do new things with this new update.

  1. Voice update:

One of the most awaited features, the voice update channel admins allows more attachment to their followers by sending voice notes. WhatsApp says the platform already exchange 7 billion voice notes per day, and this feature will make voice notes a major communication format for channels.

  1. Poll:

To increase the engagement, channels can now make elections within themselves. This feature enables channel admins to directly know its audience opinions and preferences. Mark Zuckerberg showed this feature in his announcement, in which he created a survey about the most popular sports. WhatsApp allows users to prepare brief questions and provide several answer options, converting the passive audience into active participants.

  1. Share to status:

WhatsApp is bridging the gap between channels and personal connections. Users can now share entertaining updates directly from their favorite channels to their WhatsApp position, making it spread to their own network. This helps users to be informed on subjects that they care, and channel creators experience organic growth through Word-of-Mouth recommendations.

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  1. Multiple Admins:

The WhatsApp channel is improving group management with the introduction of the multiple admin feature. With a capacity of up to 16, platform enables users to streamline communication flows within channels. This ensures relevant and efficient proliferation of information on time, making it easier for users to remain equal to the latest developments.

WhatsApp’s new channel feature is a great update for users. This feature makes content sharing easier and more effective. Hopefully, this article provides you all the necessary information about this new feature.



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