WhatsApp lets you set up your favorite contacts so you can call them instantly

WhatsApp lets you set up your favorite contacts so you can call them instantly.
WhatsApp lets you set up your favorite contacts so you can call them instantly.


  • WhatsApp will soon allow users to select their favorite contacts. These contacts will be displayed at the top of each tab.
  • The beta version of WhatsApp for iOS shows a preview screen.
  • It will be easier to call people you frequently communicate with on the app.
WhatsApp beta for Android
WhatsApp beta for Android

WhatsApp updates its features regularly. This time around, the voice calling function is getting an upgrade.

WhatsApp tests the feature to mark certain contacts favorites, as calling is a core part of its messaging service. You can now reach a contact with just a single click, instead of having to scroll through the list.

According to the latest report from WABetaInfo on WhatsApp beta #, the app will soon allow you to set contacts as favorites.

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You can add contacts to your favorites by searching for them. These contacts will appear (likely at the top) of the Calls Tab. You could then tap on the name of their contact to make a call without any delay.

This feature is similar to the way you can pin specific chats. Contacts that are pinned always appear on the top of the Chats tab. The calls tab currently only shows a list of all the calls that you have made or received within the app.

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You must scroll through the list to find the phone number, then dial the person. You can also call the person by going to their profile. This will be the “favorites contact” experience.

This feature is in the early stages of development, and it’s not yet available for testing, even with beta builds. There is no specific release date, but it should be available soon for all stable users.

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Although We can imagine it would be useful to many users, particularly the older audience that sometimes finds it difficult to navigate.

What is your opinion on this new feature? Do you frequently use WhatsApp to make calls? Tell us in the comments.



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