WhatsApp is soon bringing Passkey support on iPhone

Passkey support on iPhone
Passkey support on iPhone

WhatsApp, which is one of the most popular messaging apps with billions of users in India and around the world, is constantly adding new features to increase security for its users. In this feature, WhatsApp is soon bringing Passkey support on iPhone, which will give another strong level to the security of your WhatsApp account.

Let us know in detail about WhatsApp Passkey support on iPhone in this blog and understand how it will prove beneficial for WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp is soon bringing Passkey support on iPhone

In WhatsApp Beta version, iOS users see the Passkey settings screen. This screen allows you to make Passkey, manage them and remove them from your device.

Passkey is still under development, but it is likely that it will soon be available to all iOS users. WhatsApp is working to add Passkey support in its iOS app. This feature is already available on Android devices, and makes it easy and safe to sign in WhatsApp.

What is Passkey?

Passkey is a type of digital key that is stored on your device. You can combine it with biometrics like face ID or touch ID to secure your WhatsApp account.

By using Paski, you will not need to enter a six -digit code or SMS certification code. Just unlock your device and sign in to WhatsApp.

Passkey is a new type of login method that replaces passwords. This technique stores a digital key safely in your device (iPhone or Mac), which can be unlocked with your face ID or touch ID.

Using this key you can easily log in to WhatsApp and other apps, worrying about typing or remembering it without any password.

How does Passkey work?

Passkey is very easy to setup. You just have to go to the app and choose the Passkey option and make a Passkey using face ID or touch ID. Next, when you launch WhatsApp, you will only log in using your face ID or touch ID.

Passkey has many benefits. First, it is very safe. Unlike passwords, it is very difficult to hack Passkey. In addition, it is very easy to use Passkey. You do not need to remember or type any password.

Passkey support on iPhone: When will it come?

WhatsApp has not yet announced the official date to roll out Passkey support for iPhone. However, recently the code of this feature has been seen in the iOS beta version of WhatsApp, which indicates that it will be available to all users very soon.

How to use Passkey?

If you want to use Passkey for WhatsApp on your iOS device, then follow some steps here:

  • Open WhatsApp and tap on settings.
  • Tap on the account.
  • Tap on the Passkey.
  • Tap on the Passkey start.
  • Start making Passkey, tap on.
  • Use biometrics to unlock your device.
  • Confirm Passkey.
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