WhatsApp is releasing a photo and video shortcut on Windows beta

WhatsApp releasing video shortcut
WhatsApp releasing video shortcut

WhatsApp is releasing a photo and video shortcut on Windows beta. The Microsoft store will soon release a new update for WhatsApp’s native Windows client, which will be running on version 2.2306.2.0.

What will this update give you?

You might get the beta version where you can use the new feature that WhatsApp will roll out which is a new photo and video shortcut that you can use when chatting one-on-one or in groups.

WhatsApp is constantly resolving issues to enhance the user experience and guarantee that the app functions properly on all devices.

When you download the most recent beta version of WhatsApp for windows that is version 2.2306.2.0 update from the Microsoft store you can use the latest feature that is available in the share menu in chats and groups.

Features of new update:

  • You can now share pictures and videos right from the app thanks to the new feature. Before this feature you had to use a drag and drop tool and another choice named “File” to share photographs or videos, but this new feature allows you to send photos and videos as documents.
  • The new update is helpful since users can manually solve a bug by disabling call notifications in cases when unexpected issues cause call notifications to appear even when do-not-disturb mode is activate.
  • The new shortcut in WhatsApp simplifies sharing your important pictures and videos as a media file and you can use a file explorer to find the media.
  • On the other hand when you transfer a media file using this new feature your file will be compressed similar to what happens on other devices as it makes the transfer faster and also saves storage space.


However this feature is only accessible for beta users who can now access the photo and video shortcut after downloading and installing the newest WhatsApp version for windows 2.2306.2.0 update that is available on Microsoft store. The beta version for new features on Microsoft store will soon be available for everyone.

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